Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Upcoming Races-End of Summer & Fall

Although the list will evolve, here are the races I expect to run during the remainder of 2014, subject to fitness and the other elements and happenings in my life:

August 22 2014         USA Masters 1 Mile Road Championships
                                   at the CRIM Festival of Races-Part of the Michigan Mile,
                                   one of six stops of the 'Bring Back the Mile' Tour
                                   Friday, Aug 22 2014 Flint, MI. at 7:30 pm.

August 23 2014         USATF-Indiana 5K State Championship
                                  Saturday, Aug 23 2014 Westfield, IN. at 9 am

Yes, you're right-it's a little crazy to drive up to Flint, MI., run in a 1 mile race, hop in the car, drive back to Indy and run in a race the following morning. But I do like USATF to get as good a turnout as possible at their races. And maybe I'm a little crazier since I retired?  :)

September 21 2014    Beyond the Badge 5K
                                   Formerly called the Jason Baker run in honor of police officer
                                   Baker who died in the line of duty, the race benefits the Jason
                                   Baker Public Safety Scholarship Fund and honors all of those
                                   who have died in service to the public as firefighters and police
                                   officers. The race takes place at Crown Hill Cemetery; the
                                   course winds up to the highest point in Marion County, where
                                   James Whitcomb Riley, the Hoosier poet, is interred. This
                                   significant hill means that few runners set personal bests on
                                   the day but the challenge is always welcome!
                                   Sunday Sep 21 2014 Indianapolis, IN

October 5 2014          USA Masters 5K Championship
                                   This is part of the Syracuse Festival of Races and is renowned
                                   among Masters runners for having one of the best organized
                                   and perhaps the most Masters friendly event in the country.
                                   Dave Oja, the race director, does a great job. And the course
                                   is flat and fast with very few turns.
                                   My 2013 result: 3rd M65-69 (bronze medal) 19:20
                                   Sunday Oct 5 2014  Syracuse, NY

October 18 2014        Medical Center 10K Classic
                                   This race in Bowling Green, Kentucky is senior friendly in
                                   that it offers prizes not only for the top Masters runners (40
                                   and over) but also the top Grand Masters (50 and over) and
                                   even the top Senior Grand Masters (60 and over). The people
                                   of Bowling Green turn out to support the runners on a course
                                   that winds through the part of Bowling Green on and around
                                   the Western Kentucky U campus.
                                   My 2013 result: 1st M65-69; 
                                                     3rd place Senior Grand Master  41:04
                                   Saturday October 18 2014 Bowling Green, KY 8 a.m.

October 25 2014        USA Masters 15K Championships
                                   The Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run hosts the national masters
                                   15K championships for the second consecutive year. This is
                                   the 38th running of the race; over 4000 runners completed
                                   the 15k race last year.
                                   My 2013 result: 2nd M65-69 (silver medal); 
                                                                         3rd overall masters 1:01:35 
                                   Saturday October 25 2014  Tulsa, OK  8:50 a.m.

November 8 2014      USA Masters 5K Cross-Country Championships.
                                   The 5K national cross-country championships will be held in
                                   Carmel, IN for the first time this year. The site is Northview
                                   Church in Carmel, the site of many semi-state HS
                                   competitions.There are individual and team awards. For the
                                   first time, I will compete as a member of the Athletic
                                   Annex Indiana team. This will be my first cross country
                                   race since resuming my running as an elite Masters runner.
                                   Does 48 years between cross country races seem about
                                   right? Perhaps.
                                   Saturday November 8 2014  Carmel, IN.

November 16 2014   US National 12K Race.
                                 This is the second annual US Championship race over 12K in
                                 Alexandria, Virginia. It is designed to be a course that allows
                                 strong track athletes to move up in distance and compete with
                                 strong road athletes. It is not so long that a strong 10K runner
                                 on the track would be hung out to dry nor is it so short that the
                                 road racer is at too much of a disadvantage in terms of speed.
                                 It is the concluding race for the US Pro Circuit and is the last
                                 road race for the USA Masters Individual Grand Prix.
                                 [As of August 17, 2014 I am leading the competition for the
                                 Male 65-69 age group Grand Prix, with Roger Price (New 
                                 Jersey), Lloyd Hansen (Utah), and Jerry Learned (Georgia) 
                                 in hot pursuit.]
                                 My 2013 result: 2nd M65-69  (silver medal) 50:18
                                 Sunday November 16 2014 Alexandria, VA.

December 13 2014   USATF National Club Cross Country Championships?
                                 These are the team cross country champiionships run in
                                 Bethlehem, PA -10K for the Masters men; 6K for the Masters
                                 women. Unless a decision is made for Athletic Annex Indiana
                                 to run as a team, I will probably not run in the race. There are
                                 individual medals but no individual prizes. This race will
                                 count in the Individual Grand Prix, however. If the race is
                                 likely to be decisive in the Individual Grand Prix, I will race in
                                 it regardless.
                                 Saturday December 13 2014   Bethlehem, PA.

Once I have run my last race of the season my focus will switch to training for the Boston Marathon in mid-April 2015. I will try to run lots of miles over the winter and compete in some half marathons in January and February and possibly a 15K in mid-March. Except for the USA Half Marathon race where I will defend my championship in early February, my first USATF race is likely to be the 1 mile road race in August. But if all goes well, I will be able to make up for some lost time in the fall season.  

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