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Masters Milers Conquer Challenging Mile Course in Rochester: Recap No. 1-Records, Overall, Age Grading and Men's Age Division Contests

May 21, 2022. The Rochester Mile starts the final quarter mile with a sharp uphill, a left turn and then another kick up to the finish line. There are 8 full turns and 26' of elevation change; it is not a course designed for breaking records. The threat of thunderstorms moved away from the start time to later in the evening. A sultry summer evening saw the Masters Runners eager to get to the starting line and compete! Some not only competed, but ran so fast they broke records, despite the challenges!


The temperatures at race time were in the low 80s, too warm for longer races but not a major challenge for the 1 mile run. Four Masters athletes broke or established American Records, and two others just missed! Edna Hyer, the oldest competitor at 88, collected her second division win of the season and established a new 85-89 American Record at 12:05.  

Edna Hyer, 88, Finishes off her 85-89 Record-setting effort at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: Pam Fales-All photos in this article received a final crop by the author


Lorraine Jasper, 60, sped to victory in 5:42, breaking the American 60-64 Mile Record in the process. She lowered a record set by Masters Legend, Kathy Martin, in 2013.  

Lorraine Jasper crosses the finish line in 5:42 chip/net time, setting a new American Record at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: Pam Fales


Michelle Rohl, 56, has been setting 55-59 records on the track over the last year, dominating her division on the Cross Country turf, and winning the 5 Km 55-59 Road Championship.  She added the Road Mile American Record to her collection with a sparkling 5:12, breaking Marisa Sutera Strange's record by 15 seconds.  

Michelle Rohl, powering her way to a 2nd place Overall Finish and a new American 55-59 Record at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: milebymilephoto 


Nolan Shaheed, the Masters Track and Field legend, stepped off the track and onto the roads, coming home with another American Record at age 72. His 5:38 broke the 70-74 Road Mile record, established by another legend, Doug Goodhue, by 5 seconds.  

Nolan Shaheed crosses the Finish Line in 5:38 chip/net, breaking the Men's 70-74 American Record
at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: Pam Fales


Nat Larson, 59, came close, but clocked 4:50, a second shy of his own 55-59 American record of 4:49. Gary Patton, 76, came within three seconds of the American Record he set last year in Lincoln, Nebraska, with a 5:59.

Edna Hyer 88 Orchard Park NY 85-89 American Record 12:05

Lorraine Jasper 60 Birchrunville PA 60-64 American Record 5:42

Michelle Rohl 56 Mansfield PA 55-59 American Record 5:12

Nolan Shaheed 72 Pasadena CA 70-74 American record 5:38 

Note: These records will be listed as pending until the Rochester Mile course measurement can be verified by the USATF Road Racing Technical Council.


The course in Rochester is technical, with 9 turns; the final quarter mile begins with a short, sharp uphill and finishes with a gradual climb to the middle of the Broad Street Bridge over the Genesee River. 

WOMEN Jennifer Bigham took off from the gun, gaining 5 meters on the field in the first 200 meters. Michelle Rohl was in hot pursuit, with Amy Armstrong and Abby Dean right on her heels. Bigham had won the Masters Half Marathon overall championships in Syracuse in March; she was now showing that she had the wheels for a fast mile. But would she fade toward the end or would someone have a killer kick to catch her? The answer comes quickly in a road mile. By the time they were off the Court Street Bridge and approaching the half mile mark, Bigham had 20 meters on the field. 

Jennifer Bigham leads the field, with Michelle Rohl in 2nd, and Abby Dean left and Amy Armstrong right in 3rd and 4th at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: milebymilephoto

Bigham still had her lead when she hit the sharp uphill on Irving Place. No one was going to catch her now! Rohl and Armstrong were pushing with all their might, but could not narrow the gap. Bigham took the win in 5:06! 

Jennifer Bigham wins the Women's Race at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit:milebymilephoto


Armstrong pulled almost even with Rohl, but Rohl had a single second edge, taking the Silver Medal at 5:12! 

From Left: Michelle Rohl takes 2nd and Amy Armstrong 3rd in the Women's Race at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: milebymilephoto

Sixty meters back, Sara Girotto and Melissa Johnson-White had passed Dean and were battling for the 4th spot. Girotto won the battle in 5:27, with Johnson-White a second back and Dean following in 6th. 

Bigham had run a 2:48 Marathon two weeks before and was uncertain as to whether she had fully recovered. She had been hoping she could follow someone else around the course but once she found herself in the lead, she embraced it! Bigham now has the Overall Championship for the shortest race on the Masters Circuit this year and the longest race, the Half Marathon! She will test her speed again  at the Fleet Feet Liberty Mile in her adopted hometown of Pittsburgh PA in July. 

This was Rohl's 2nd podium finish overall on the Masters circuit this year. She took 4th at the 5 Km Cross Country Championships in Boston in October and followed that with a 3rd place finish on the roads of Atlanta. Impressive for a 56-year-old!

Jennifer Bigham 5:06     Michelle Rohl 5:12     Amy Armstrong 5:13

MEN In the Men’s race, Kevin Shirk, like Bigham, went to the front, but never fully separated from the lead pack. Jaret Herter, Jacques Sallberg, and defending Champion, Chuck Schneekloth, were all around him for the first half of the race. 

Start of Men's Race Under Threatening Skies at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships-Front Row-From Left: Jacques Sallberg, Kevin Shirk, Jaret Herter, Jerry Snider-2nd Row-Chuck Schneekloth yellow&black Photo Credit: Megan Nier



Front Row from Left: Chuck Schneekloth, Kevin Shirk, Jaret Herter, Jerry Snider, and Jeffrey Bigham lead the field away from the starting gate at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: milebymilephoto

Occasionally Shirk would throw in a surge to create separation if he felt someone was closing in on him. 

Coming Out of Turn 2 about 400 Meters into the race, from left: Chuck Schneekloth, Matthew DiPretore, Jaret Herter, and Jerry Snider chasing the two leaders at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: milebymilephoto

Everyone hung tough, but by the time they had surmounted the rise on Irving Place, Shirk had 5-10 meters on  Sallberg, with Herter another 5-10 meters back. Not his best day, Schneekloth was a bit further back in 4th. Sallberg still had time to catch Shirk, but Shirk was having nothing of it. Both were leaping up the hill in full sprint. Soon Shirk was over the finish line in 4:31, with Sallberg 2nd in 4:33 and Herter next at 4:35. Schneekloth finished just off the podium in 4:41, with Scott Weeks and Mark Walchinsky emerging from the Chase pack to take 5th and 6th in 4:45 and 4:47 respectively.

Kevin Shirk wins the Men's Overall and the 40-44 National Championships at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit:Pam Fales


Shirk had the fastest time coming in, a 4:29.7 at Masters Indoor Nationals in March. He then took 5-6 weeks off, ran a fast 5K on a flat course in 15:18 and then a week later a more strategic 10K. That set him  up for a fast mile! This is his first road victory at a Masters National Championship. He will step to the line in a few days to try for a repeat Masters win at the Loudoun Street Mile in his home state of Virginia. Sallberg ran 4:40.08 in March at the Newport-Mesa Spirit Mile, but then clocked 4:12.61 in a 1500 meter race on the track at the end of April. The standard Mile Split calculator equates that to a 4:32.82 Mile, not far off from Shirk's indoor mark. They had a very competitive race!

Jacques Sallberg claims 2nd Overall as well as the M45 Gold Medal at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit:Pam Fales


A week before this event,  Schneekloth had a 4:13.71 1500 meter effort, convertible to a 4:34, but Saturday was an off day. Schneekloth is training for the World Masters Athletics Championships in Finland in July. Running for Team USA, Schneekloth will look for his best day this season on the track! Herter had an excellent day, arguably running one of his best races this year. 

Jaret Herter finishes 3rd Overall at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit:Pam Fales


At Indoor Nationals, he had run 4:36.85, a good 7 seconds back from Shirk. Today he was within 4 seconds!

Kevin Shirk 4:31     Jacques Sallberg 4:33     Jaret Herter 4:35


The Overall Age Grading Championships honor the runners, over all age divisions, with the fastest time for their age relative to a world's best performance, with 90% and above considered World Class. The Age Grade score is calculated on the net/chip time, not gun time. 

WOMEN Michelle Rohl topped the women; her 5:12 at age 56 earned a 97.07%. Rohl's performance was so spectacular that Jeannie Rice 74, 2019 USATF Masters Athlete of the Year and current holder of the Women's 70-74 American Record for the 1 Mile, finished 2nd; her 6:49 time graded at 93.64. 

Jeannie Rice claims the Women's 70-74 Title and the Silver Age Grading Medal Overall at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit:Pam Fales


Lorraine Jasper's 60 record-breaking performance earned 3rd at  92.86. As usual, age grading prize money went 5-deep. Doreen McCoubrie 60 joined her Greater Philadelphia teammate, Jasper, among the top 5 with a 5:50 for a 90.74. Lisa Veneziano 57, who finished 2nd to Rohl in the 55-59 division in 5:40 closed out the top 5 with a World Class 90.12%.

Michelle Rohl 56 5:12 97.07%     Jeannie Rice 74 6:49 93.64     Lorraine Jasper 60 5:42 92.86

MEN Nat Larson was atop the Men’s podium; his 4:50 at age 59 earning a 95.55. He adds this to the two Age Grading Gold Medals he earned earlier in the year at Syracuse for his 1:16:30 Half Marathon and for his 10K at Dedham in 34:20. 

Nat Larson finishing off his 4:50 Mile to win the Age Grading Championship as well as the M55 Gold Medal at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit:Pam Fales


He was followed by two Masters track legends who crossed over to the road and took home some hardware.  Nolan Shaheed 72 got the American 70-74 Record, but Gary Patton 76 outpointed him for the Age Grading Silver Medal, 93.37 to 93.03. Rick Lee 60, the talented distance runner who takes on everything from the Mile to an Ultra Marathon across the desert in Morocco, claimed 4th. His 5:04 graded at 92.72. Sallberg, who finished 2nd overall, captured 5th place as his 4:32 net time earned 92.52, world class by a long shot!

Nat Larson 59 4:50 95.55%     Gary Patton 76 5:59 93.37     Nolan Shaheed 72 5:38 93.03


MEN  40-44 Kevin Shirk and Jaret Herter went 1-3 in the Overall competition, so they go 1-2 in this division. A trio of runners, Jeffrey Bigham, James Coates, and Mark Walchinsky vied for the final podium spot. Bigham ran 4:53 in Pittsburgh's Liberty Mile last summer. Coates has a more recent mark with 4:46.34 indoor mile at the Masters Indoor TF Championships in March. Both have run 5K's in the mid 17 minute range. Walchinsky falls between those two with a 4:50.08 at the Loudoun Street Mile last summer. Walchinsky ran 2:05.72 to Herter's 2:05.36 at the Eastern Regional Indoor Championships in February. That could be evidence of a good kick at the finish. Whatever the reason, Walchinsky was able to achieve separation heading into the final few meters to the tape. 

From Left: Mark Walchinsky 4th M40, Christopher Hernandez 3rd M45, James Coates, 5th M40, and Terrance Armstrong 2nd M50 at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: Pam Fales

It was still a tight finish, but Walchinsky clocked 4:47 to nail 3rd, with Bigham 2 seconds back in 4th, followed by Coates at 4:49.

Kevin Shirk 4:31     Jaret Herter 4:35     Mark Walchinsky 4:47

45-49 Jacques Sallberg took 2nd Overall and won the Men's 45-49 National Championships in 4:33. Schneekloth, a contender for the Overall win finished 4th and took 2nd in this division. 

Chuck Schneekloth claims 4th overall and the M45 Silver Medal at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: Pam Fales


The final podium spot might go to Jerry Snider whose 16:57 at the Masters 5 Km Championships showed some speed, or to Marco Cardoso, whose 35:21 10K suggested he could run a mile in something like 5:07, or James Carpenter who ran a 5:06 mile. Christopher Hernandez was a wild card. He had no recent results I could easily find, but he had run well for GVH at some Cross Country events in 2018 and 2019. He led GVH to a 2nd place M40+ finish at the 2019 USATF Cross Country Championships in Tallahassee. Hernandez, it turned out, had the speed to kick home for 7th overall and 3rd in the division, clocking 4:48. Carpenter stepped up his game, running to a 4:59, and Cardoso also ran better than predicted.

Jacques Sallberg 4:33     Chuck Schneekloth 4:41     Christopher Hernandez 4:48

50-54 As he was contending for the Overall win, Scott Weeks carved out a 25 meter lead over Terrance Armstrong, who took the Silver Medal. Armstrong had a similar lead over Mark Andrews, 3rd in 4:56. Weeks has not competed often on the USATF Masters LDR circuit. In 2014, though, he ran 15:43 to finish 3rd M40 and 8th overall at the Masters 5 km Championships in Syracuse. Two years later he ran 15:59 against a tougher field. Winning here suggests he has aged well since then. 


Scott Weeks finishing 5th Overall and claiming the M45 Gold Medal at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: Pam Fales

Armstrong is a newcomer to the Masters Grand Prix National circuit but finished 2nd in the division at the Mile Run at the Masters Indoor Championships. Andrews is no stranger to the circuit; he took the 2017 Overall Masters 10 Km Championship in 32:45. More recently he took 2nd in this division at the 5 Km Championships, clocking 16:53.

The rest of the field was 50 meters back from Andrews, but they were  still hurtling toward the finish line at break-neck speed; team points were at stake! Steven Segaloff got ten meters of separation over the others, claiming 4th in 5:05. Two seconds later, Tim Van Orden edged Jeffrey Conston by a stride for 5th place, as both were credited with a 5:07. Craig McAllister, a Canadian guest who drove over from London Ontario, came next at 5:09. Chip Owens was the 7th American finisher at 5:11.

Scott Weeks 4:45     Terrance Arstrong 4:50     Mark Andrews 4:56

55-59 Age-Grading champion, Nat Larson, claimed this division title with over 50 meters to spare. As noted, he came within one second of his existing American 55-59 record, set 4 years ago when he was 55. Larson amazed everyone, perhaps even himself, with that time! John McMahon, who finished 3rd in the division in Atlanta with a speedy 17:34, cranked up the speed a bit more, clocking 5:01 to take 2nd 25 meters ahead of John Borthwick . Borthwick had dipped his toe in the USATF Masters LDR circuit in Atlanta, learning that there were a dozen runners in his age division there who could run faster than 19:21 on that 5 Km course. That just whetted his appetite! He figured he had the speed to be more competitive at a Road Mile, and he was right!  Borthwick was able to finish 20 meters ahead of Alejandro Heuck who came in with some pretty solid credentials himself, having finished 4th at the Masters Indoor Championships in March at the Mile in 5:03.48 and 2nd at the 800M in 2:16.9. Despite his best efforts, Heuck could not close fast enough to catch Borthwick, but managed to edge Scott Grandfield for 4th by a single second in 5:10. Scott Siriano was another second back in 6th.

Nat Larson 4:50     John McMahon 5:01     John Borthwick 5:06

60-64 Everyone knew this division would be a shoot-out. Joe Mora and Rick Lee had battled with Tim DeGrado at the 5 Km in Atlanta. That was not settled until Mora kicked away in the final meters and then DeGrado edged Lee at the line for 2nd. Add Mark Neff, Henry Notaro, Kevin Ostenberg, and David Westenberg to the mix and you had a half dozen 'gunslingers' ready to aim for the title. Neff had taken the 3000 meter title at the Masters Indoors in March; Notaro clocked 56:07 at the Gasparilla 15K at the end of February, roughly equivalent to a 5:14 Mile; Ostenberg had some strong  pre-Covid Cross Country Championships and last December had finished 3 seconds ahead of Lee at Club Cross in Tallahassee; Westenberg, now 64, was the defending Champion, and finished 2nd to Neff in that Indoor 3000 meter run. Lee has shown he can run almost any distance but is better known for long runs and rapid recovery. He won his division at Boston this year in 2:47:58. Six days later he finished 2nd at the Masters 10 Km National Championships in 36:41. He is also the current holder of the American 50 Km Record for 60-64 in 3:31:43. He was new to the track and speed work so I thought the conversions of his 5 Km and 10 Km times as something like a 5:15 were quite reasonable. Did he ever prove me wrong! Mora knew when he pulled up next to Lee and Notaro late in the race that he had a battle on his hands. In the end, it was one he won, but just by a single second. 

Behind Steven Segaloff, 4th M50,are, left to right, Joe Mora, Rick Lee, and Henry Notaro, battling for the M60 win at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: Pam Fales


He clocked 5:05 to Lee's 5:06 and Notaro's 5:08! Thirty meters back, it was Neff separating himself from Ostenberg and Westenberg, finishing 4th, 5th and 6th in 5:14, 5:16 and 5:17! Talk about a competitive field, wow!

Joe Mora 5:05     Rick Lee 5:06     Henry Notaro 5:08 

65-69 Ken Youngers came in riding a wave. He finished 2nd in M65 at Atlanta to Jacob Nur who has been smashing American Records recently. The 18:22 Youngers clocked there in late February is roughly equivalent to a 5:24 mile. His winning time at the 10 Km Masters Championships in Dedham at the end of April also suggested 5:24 was a reasonable projection for Youngers. No one else seemed primed for the sort of effort. Timothy Conheady, who has run some strong Cross Country races in recent years, competed at the Masters Indoor Championships, winning the M65 mile in 5:47 and change. I should have realized he may have been saving energy for two other races. Looking back now I see that not only did he win the M65 mile in 5:47, he won the M65 800M in 2:35:08 and the M65 3000 Meters. Although none of those by themselves suggest Conheady would run under 5:40. taking them together, it does suggests a much faster Mile time if that were Conheady's sole focus. Stephen Chantry, who has run road events in the past, has been focusing more on the track the last few years. He took the Gold medals in both the 800M and 1500M for M65 in Ames last summer. His winning 1500 meter time converts to a 5:44 mile. Based on my reading of the data, I thought Youngers had clear sailing for 1st, with Conheady and Chantry battling for 2nd place. Was I wrong?! Youngers ran strong as I expected, clocking 5:30 gun/5:28 chip. But Conheady was on fire! Conheady got the faster start; Youngers made a great effort but could not catch him. Conheady took the win 5:26 to 5:30. 

Tim Conheady captures the Men's 65-69 Title with Room to Spare at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: Pam Fales


Chantry was 50 meters behind those two, but well ahead of the rest of the field. Atlanta's Scott Lucking and Shore's Kevin Dollard battled to the line with Lucking having the edge for 4th as both received the same 5:48 time.

Tim Conheady  5:26     Ken Youngers 5:30     Stephen Chantry 5:41

70-74 As noted above, Nolan Shaheed took down the American Record with his 5:38 chip time; his 5:39 gun time was fast enough to win the race.  But that does not mean he had it in a cakewalk! The official results show that Robert Qualls finished just 1 second behind Shaheed. Qualls's sub-20 5 K at the Senior Games in February suggested he was ready to break 5:50 in the mile, and he went a good deal faster than that! To be fair, one of the finishing shots shows that Shaheed had clear separation over Qualls; it was not a photo finish. But hats off to Qualls; it was close! 

:Nolan Shaheed Far Left crosses the finish line to capture the American 70-74 Road Mile Record and take first place in the Division; Robert Qualls third from left cannot get to the line fast enough. Shaheed was first in 5:39 with Qualls 2nd in 5:40 at the
2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: Pam Fales


A hundred meters behind that battle for first was the fight for 3rd place. Alston Brown was able to pull clear of Jerry Learned and Doug Bell to take 3rd in an impressive 6:01, 5 seconds ahead of Learned in 4th, with Bell 2 seconds further back in 5th.

Nolan Shaheed 5:39     Robert Qualls 5:40     Alston Brown 6:01

75-79 Track Legend, Gary Patton, had no equals in this race. Dave Glass has proven to be the fastest 75-79 year old at distances from 10 Km to the Half Marathon. But he is no match for Patton at the Mile Run, which has been Patton's 'sweet spot' for years. Last year he broke the American 75-79 Record for the Road Mile with a 5:59 at Lincoln Nebraska. Two weeks before this event, Patton was invited to  participate in the Hayward Classic Masters Mile in the new Hayward Field Track stadium. Patton had no trouble weaving his way through a pack of slower runners ahead of him and finding clear running room. From there it was no contest as he took the win in 6:02 with well over a hundred meters of separation. 

Gary Patton soars across the finish line in a sparkling 6:02 to take the Men's 75-79 title by over half a minute at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: Pam Fales-Crop by Author


There was definitely a contest for 2nd. Glass, as noted, has dominated the division at distances from 10 km up. But Jim May has been coming on strong since recovering from a hamstring issue that slowed him down over the winter. Still, he finished 4 minutes behind Glass at the 10 Km Championships in Dedham at the end of April. Furthermore, May did not run in any of the Road Mile Championships when they were in Flint Michigan nor has he been a track athlete in recent years. None of that mattered, as May put a real scare into Glass. Glass was up to the challenge, though, and took 2nd place by a second, 6:37 to 6:38! The race for 4th was similarly surprising. In fall of 2021, Jim Glinsky had run a few 5K's in the 25:10 to 25:24 range, suggesting a likely mile time around 7:25. Yours truly, Paul Carlin, had just run a 50:02 chip time in the Masters 10 Km Championships, suggesting a Mile around 7:13 might be possible. Of course it is true that the weekend before I had won my age division at the Amway River Bank Run [25K] in Grand Rapids on a warm day. Did that have a lasting effect? I would have said no. As the race unfolded, I saw Glinsky ahead but thought as we headed along the quarter-mile stretch down Court Street that he would start to come back to me. In the meantime, I also had Przemek Nowicki to worry about. He was a few strides ahead and I knew from past encounters that he can have a very strong finishing kick. As it turned out, Glinsky did not come back to me. As we headed  up Irving Place to Broad Street with just under a quarter mile to go, I felt Nowicki fading. I had a clear shot at Glinsky. He was wellahead but I was gaining on him. But as we headed up the bridge, Glinsky found another gear and stopped coming back to me. In the end it was not close. Glinsky took 4th in 7:11; I finished 7 seconds back in 5th, followed by Nowicki another 6 seconds back. It was a heck of a run for Glinsky!

Gary Patton 6:02     Dave Glass 6:37     Jim May 6:38

80-84 Stan Edelson ran 29:25 in Atlanta, suggesting a mile time in the vicinity of 8:37 was within his reach. John Eliott's record this year is more complicated. Despite dozens of national championships in the past few years, he was off to a slow start in 2022. He was looking competitive for Atlanta; he ran 29:45 in a tuneup race. But then he took a fall shortly before the 5 Km Championships and had to skip the race. He was ready to run again by the time the 10 km Masters Championships showed up on the calendar. But his fitness had slipped. He ran 1:02:35, suggesting a time around 9:07 in this mile race was possible. Projecting mile times from 10 km efforts in inherently risky as they are quite different distances; a miler might not do well at a 10K, and the reverse could also be true. On the other hand, as Elliott was coming back from a layoff he might improve rapidly. As it turned out, Edelson got off to a good start and Eliott could not catch him. Edelson had no trouble winning in 8:42, with Elliott over a hundred meters back in 2nd place.  

Stan Edelson claims the M80 win at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: Pam Fales-Crop by Author


Andrew Sherwood ran his usual steady race, claiming 3rd in 10:50.

Stan Edelson 8:42     John Elliott  9:28     Andrew Sherwood 10:50

85-89 Adrian Craven had won the M85 championship at Club Cross in Tallahassee. His 1:02:26 over the 8 km course suggested a possible 11:23 mile. And, of course, times on the turf tend to be slower than on roads so a somewhat faster time might be within Craven's reach. His competitor, Sid Davis, the oldest male entrant at 87, had finished 2nd at the Masters 5 Km Championships in Atlanta. His 48:56 was suggestive of a 14:21 mile effort. And that is the way it turned out. Craven did run a little faster than his Club Cross time suggested, taking the win in 10:45. 

Adrian Craven takes the win in the Men's 85-89 Division at the 2022 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships, hosted by the Rochester Mile Photo Credit: Pam Fales-Crop by Author


Davis also ran to his potential with a 14:29 effort for 2nd place.

Adrian Craven 10:45     Sid Davis 14:29

That ends the first installment, covering the tremendous record-breaking achievements along with the terrifically competitive races, both for the wins and further down in the finishing order, races within a race. Records, Overall, Age Grading and Men's Age Division contests are considered here. The next installment will cover the Women's Age Division and the Team Contests for both Women and Men.