Sunday, September 21, 2014

Conversations with myself No. 1 On the Marathon [a poem]

conversations with myself
number 1
On the Marathon
by PS Carlin

i'm going to run a marathon, sez i
why? sez u
because, sez i
no, really? sez u
'cause i want to, sez i
that's not a reason, sez u

a challenge, sez i
loads-a challenges out there...why a marathon? sez u
people wanna know yer marathon time, sez i
so what? sez u
or yer not a real distance runner, sez i
u care what they think? sez u
not really, sez i
then why? sez u

so i'm a distance runner, sez i
yer already a national champ, sez u
no, a real distance runner, sez i
a half-marathon's not real? sez u
real but..., sez i
but what? sez u
but not a marathon, sez i
baloney! sez u. why?

because it's there, sez i
that's 'climbing a mountain', sez u
or a marathon, sez i
a marathon's not a mountain, sez u
close enough, sez i
how so? sez u. is it big?
mebbe not big but definitely grand, sez i
majestic? sez u
that's it, sez i
and hard? sez u
difficult, sez i
once in a lifetime? sez u
most people never, sez i
yer not most people? sez u
nope, sez i
an accomplishment? sez u
big, sez i

copyright Paul S. Carlin--no use without author's written permission

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