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The Middle Distance Events at the 2024 USATF Masters Indoor Championships in Chicago

 2024 USATF Masters Indoor Championships—Recap of Middle Distance Events

These championships were held at the Dr. Conrad Worrill Track & Field Center in Chicago, Illinois from Thursday, March 21st through Sunday, March 24th.

Dr. Conrad Worrill Track & Field Center, Chicago IL

Note: Action photos were hard to come by. All photos in this post were downloaded from Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Strava). Some of the Facebook posted photos were attributed to Walter Boyle. Those I list as Photo Credit: Walter Boyle. If a photo had no credit, it may still be a photo of Mr. Boyle's but I leave the credit off as I am not certain. 

3000 Meters  WOMEN Thursday, March 21

2:30 PM Women 65-89

Women 85-89 Tami Graf Potomac Valley TC won unopposed in 30:42.05.

Women 80-84 Angela Staab TNT International won unopposed with a time of 26:17.49

Women 75-79 Kathleen Frable Southern Cal TC [SCTC] led wire to wire, winning at 21:34.71. Mary Trotto TNT International finished second a minute and a half back.

Kathlen Frable 21:34.71     Mary Trotto 23:05:07

Women 70-74   Miriam Paulus Dayton TC pulled away and won with thirteen minutes to spare in16:05.15. Lydia Woods TNT International claimed the silver medal.

Miriam Paulus 16:05.15     Lydia Woods 29:38.59

Women 65-69   Debbie Lee So Cal TC and Cheryl Bellaire Greater Philadelphia TC [GPTC] took the first 8 laps of the 15-lap race in tandem, with Lee ever so slightly ahead and Bellaire happy to accept the pace.

Start of the Women 65-69 3000 Meter Run at the 2024 USATF Masters Indoor Championships in Chicago IL Photo Credit:Walter Boyle

 Midway on the 9th lap, Bellaire took the initiative in moving to take the lead. Lee kept tight for two laps before gradually losing contact. 

Cheryl Bellaire right out-dueled Debbie Lee for the 3000M win at the 2024 Masters Indoor Championships Photo Credit: Walter Boyle

Bellaire had a 7 second lead with 800 meters to go and took the win in 13:41.8, with Lee 2nd in 14:06.22. Clara Northcott of Canada was 3rd in 14:33.55.

Cheryl Bellaire 13:41.80     Debbie Lee 14:06.22     Clara Northcott 14:33.55

12:00 Noon Women 50-64

Women 60-64 Marisa Sutera Strange GPTC moved to the front of the field, enjoying a lead of almost 4 seconds by the end of the 2nd lap. After 800M, Makie Ohler Canada found that Strange’s pace had not picked up; Ohler gradually closed the gap to Strange over the next 1200 meters. With a kilometer to go, Ohler was half a second behind Strange. She stayed there until there was just a lap to go. Strange accelerated and Ohler had no answer. Strange claimed the gold medal at 11:55.54, with Ohler two seconds back in 2nd at 11:57.89. Strange’s teammate, Lauren Siegel GPTC, finished 3rd at 14:28.20.

Marisa Sutera Strange 11:55.54     Makie Ohler 11:57.89     Lauren Siegel 14:28.20

Women 55-59 This was the Lisa Veneziano Pursuit of Excellence TC [POETC] show. She enjoyed a 9-second lead on the 55-59 field by the end of the first lap and added to that margin the rest of the way. Veneziano took gold in 10:56.04. In the battle for 2nd, Tina Klein T.H.E. TC was content to fall in behind Julie Pangburn GPTC for the first 2000 Meters. From there, Klein moved past Pangburn. Pangburn held tough though, allowing Klein a 2-second lead with 400 meters to go. Pangburn took more than a second back from Klein on the next to the last lap. But that was it. Klein found her rhythm as they both improved their pace for the last lap. Klein took silver in 12:52.12, with Pangburn third at 12:53.33!

Lisa Veneziano 10:56.04     Tina Klein 12:52.12     Julie Pangburn 12:53.33

Women 50-54 After the waterfall start, runners cut to the inside; Julie Mercado Dayton TC moved to the front as three runners fell in behind in single file: Kara Parker Run MN, Rebekah Kennedy Central Park TC [CPTC], and Sima Tazavoie Dayton TC. On the backstretch of the 4th lap, Kennedy moved past Parker into 2nd. After the 800M, Mercado started to pull away from the chase pack. By 1400M, Parker had repassed Kennedy. By 2000M, Mercado had a 9 second lead on Parker who had, in turn, 7 seconds on Kennedy, who was still being tracked closely by Tazavoie. Parker moved up very gradually on Mercado over the final 800M but was still over 7 seconds back with a lap to go. Parker took 2 seconds out of Mercado’s lead on that last lap. But Mercado claimed the win at 11:19.11, with Parker 2nd at 11:24.25. Tazavoie was able to move past Kennedy with 400 meters to go and held her off to take the bronze medal in 11:46.27. Kennedy was 4th in 11:51.10.

Julie Mercado 11:19.11     Kara Parker 11:24.25     Sima Tazavoia 11::46.27

12:20 PM Women 25-49

Women 45-49 Jennifer Sober Florida TC-SE took the lead after the first 200 meters. But before they passed the finish line a second time, Euleen Josiah-Tanner T.H.E. TC had taken the lead; she held it the rest of the way. Josiah-Tanner built the lead to 3 seconds by the kilometer mark and 6 seconds by the 2000-meter point. Josiah-Tanner took the win at 10:58.84, enjoying a winning gap of almost six seconds. Sober was second at 11:04.56, with Elizabeth Wells Dayton TC third at 11:21.01.

Euleen Josiah-Tanner 10:58.84     Jennifer Sober 11:04.56     Elizabeth Wells 11:21.01

Women 40-44 April Lund GYS TC had her eye on the American 40-44 Record of 9:47:05 If she hit every 200-meter lap in 39.14 seconds or faster, she would have the record. At 37.9 for the first lap, Lund was well under her target. But the next lap was right on target at 39.12 seconds. The next 11 laps were all slightly slower than her target. Perhaps Lund had confidence in her kick? With 400 meters to go, Lund was at 8:31.86. She had to run her last 400 meters in 75.19 or faster, after running at 79 seconds per 400 meters for the last two miles. Lund was up to it; she hit her next to last lap in 36.97 seconds; the final one was even faster at 36.41. That gave Lund the new 40-44 American Record at 9;45.23, a minute and 42 seconds under the old record. [pending ratification] Allison Howard North Idaho Distance Project was a minute back at 10:46.64; she held off a hard charging Hidi Gaff Three Rivers Racing for 2nd place, the final margin just 1.7 seconds.

April Lund 9:45.23     Allison Howard 10:46.64     Hidi Gaff 10:48.34

Women 35-39 Nicole Rhodes Pony Express TC-moved to the front and gradually built her lead throughout, taking first in 11:11.75. Megan Zavorka Thomas Unattached finished 2nd a half minute later.

Nicole Rhodes 11:11.75     Megan Zavorka Thomas 11:42.39.

3000 Meters  MEN   Thursday, March 21

3:00 PM Men 70-94

Men 90-94 Colben Sime SCTC competed unopposed, winning in 25:03.47.

Men 85-89 Joe Cordero New England 65+ Runners Club was no match for Sherwood Sagedahl Unattached. Sagedahl took the win with 8 minutes to spare, winning Gold at 16:14.21. Cordero was 2nd at 24:41.50.

Sherwood Sagedahl 16:14.21     Joe  Cordero 24:41.50

Men 80-84 It was closer in 80-84 but Thomas Jennings GPTC had no trouble building a 17 second lead in the first 1000 meters and sailed the rest of the way, taking the victory in 15:31.71. 

Tom Jennings competing in the M80 Division of the 400M Dash at the 2024 Masters Indoor Champs 
Photo Credit: Walter Boyle

Stan Edelson Shore Athletic Club finished 2nd at 18:06.96.

Thomas Jennings 15:31.71     Stan Edelson 18:06.96

Men 75-79 Larry Rink SCTC battled but John Roeske Boulder Road Runners won the day. Roeske built his lead to 12 seconds at 1800 meters. But Rink chipped away at it ever so slightly over the next two laps and then took bigger bites the next three laps. With a lap to go, Roeske’s lead was down to five seconds. No worries for Roeske! He accelerated when the bell sounded for the last lap. Roeske had plenty in the tank and built the lead back to 9 seconds as he claimed the win at 13:09.07. Rink was second at 13:18.96. Donald Loew’s SCTC 13:33.33 gave him the bronze medal with plenty of room to spare.

John Roeske 13:09.07     Larry Rink 13:18.96     Donald Loew 13:33.33

Men 70-74 Eugene Myers Potomac Valley TC, the defending champion, went to the front in the first lap. Joseph Chimino Genesee Valley Harriers [GVH] fell in behind Myers and stayed there for the next 14 laps. When the bell sounded, Chimino moved out to pass Myers with 300 meters to go. Once Chimino accelerated, Myers could not answer. Chimino claimed gold in 13:10.48; Myers enjoyed the silver in 13:18.40. Michael DeWitt SE Wisconsin TC finished third at 18:10.85.

Joseph Chimino 13:10.48     Eugene Myers 13:18.40     Michael DeWitt 18:10.85

12:40 PM Men 65-69

David Westenberg Greater Lowell Road Runners went right to the front and pounded out a pace that no one could match. He enjoyed a two second lead at the quarter mile mark. Westenberg added to the lead throughout the race, claiming gold in 10:43.45. 

David Westenberg #8 leading Michael Lebold #6 and the rest of the M65 field in the 3000M at the 2024 USATF Masters Indoor Championships

Michael Lebold Jamul Toads led a three-man chase pack through 800 meters. It was Lebold, Blake Wood SCTC and George Henahan Unattached in that order, well behind Westenberg. Wood took over chase pack lead duty from Lebold on the fifth lap but the pack remained intact until the end of the tenth lap when Henahan started to lose contact. As they approached the three-quarter mile mark, Wood started to pull away ever so slightly. He moved away more decisively in the last lap, earning the silver medal in 11:05.06, with Lebold taking the bronze seven seconds back. Henehan finished fourth.

David Westenberg 10:43.45     Blake Wood 11:05.06     Michael Lebold 11:12.47

1:00 PM Men 60-64

Simon Rayner Canada had no peers in this division. Rayner enjoyed a ten second lead at 800 meters on his way to a half minute win in 10:02.18. Jeff Mann and Patrick Billig locked horns for the first kilometer. But Mann pulled slowly, but steadily, away after that, taking the silver medal at 10:36.11. Billig took three seconds out of Mann’s lead over the final 400 meters but had to settle for bronze at 10:41.29.

Simon Rayner 10:02.18     Jeff Mann 10:36.11     Patrick Billig 10:41.29

1:20 PM Men 50-59

Men 55-59 David Taylor Athletics East TC took it out hard from the gun and enjoyed a 5-second lead over Benoit Hogue Canada by the end of the 5th lap. Thereafter Hogue started slowly reeling Taylor in. Midway through the 11th lap, the catch was made; Hogue passed and then moved away from Taylor. The last 4 laps saw Hogue extend his lead to almost nine seconds. Hogue won at 10:00.47, with Taylor second at 10:09.50. Ken Wempe Indiana Elite AC scored the bronze medal with his 10:29.90. Scott Siriano Unattached and Dale Flanders Genesee Valley Harriers finished in 4th and 5th.

Benoit Hogue 10:00.47     David Taylor 10:09.50     Ken Wempe 10:29.90

Men 50-54 Kelly Mortenson Run MN ran away from the field, opening a six-second advantage in the first half mile. He won it by almost 17 seconds in 10:05.89. Michael McGrane Boston Athletic Association stayed within a couple of seconds of Jeffrey Townsend Athletics East for the first 2000 meters but then gradually drifted back. Townsend won silver in 10:22.64 with McGrane third at 10:41.53.

Kelly Mortenson 10:05.89     Jeffrey Townsend 10:22.64      Michael McGrane 10:41.53

1:40 PM Men 40-49

Men 45-49 For the first 400 meters, it was Jerry Snider Unattached leading with Christopher Hernandez GVH and Trent Bryson Cal Coast in close pursuit. But as Snider continued hitting his splits in the low 36 second range, a gap opened. By 800 meters, Snider had 4 seconds on Hernandez and six on Bryson. Snider kept the pace up for a handsome 12-second win in 9:22.41. Hernandez and Bryson had quite the duel for silver. Bryson passed Hernandez at 1600 meters, but Hernandez stayed right on Bryson’s heels. Hernandez moved past Bryson with 400 meters to go and stretched his lead to 3 seconds over that lap. But then Bryson got his kick going and Hernandez had nothing left in the tank. Bryson captured the silver medal in 9:34.69, with Hernandez third in 9:40.72.

Jerry Snider 9:22.41      Trent Bryson 9:34.69     Christopher Hernandez 9:40.72

Men 40-44 Ryan Jaskiewicz DW Running, Jay Stephenson Unattached, and Jeremy Ruston Unattached formed a tight 1-2-3 lead pack for the first 1600 meters. Jaskiewicz opened a two-second gap on the next lap and grew it to almost five by the next. Jaskiewicz went on for the win in 8:56.85. When Jaskiewicz made his move at 1600 meters, Ruston passed Stephenson to try to go with him. Stephenson slid in behind Ruston. Stephenson passed Ruston with 600 meters to go and pulled away. Stephenson enjoyed second in 9:12.47, with Ruston fourteen seconds back in third.

Ryan Jaskiewicz 8:56.85     Jay Stephenson 9:12.47     JeremyRuston 9:25.78

2:00 PM Men 25-39

Men 35-39 Marcus Thomas Unattached led Bob Dugan Checkers AC and York Thomas Unattached through the first kilometer before running out of steam. Dugan took the lead at that point with Y Thomas continuing a couple of strides behind. They remained in that order through 2600 meters. Y Thomas swept past Dugan and pulled away, winning at 9:54.04, with Dugan second at 10:04.82. A minute later, M Thomas finished 3rd.

York Thomas 9:54.04     Bob Dugan 10:04.82     Marcus Thomas 11:00.08

Men 30-34 Anton Darby Unattached opened a ten-second lead in the first 800 meters, going on to win in 10:24.61. Jack Badger Twin City TC finished second, thirteen seconds later.

Anton Darby 10:24.61 Jack Badger10:37.36.

Men 25-29 Andrew Fathman Unattached built a 13-second lead in the first 1400 meters and then held on for the last 1600 meters; Jared Murphy Run Elite chipped away at the lead a half to a full second per lap. Fathman held onto a comfortable lead throughout. But Murphy cut the lead down to eight seconds at the finish. Fathman won in 9:18.68 with Murphy second at 9:26.75.

Andrew Fathman 9:18.68     Jared Murphy 9:26.75

1 Mile  MEN   Saturday, March 23

12:40 PM Men 75-94

Men 90-94 The contest between Colben Sime So Cal TC and Inocencio Cantu Potomac Valley TC would not be close. Cantu would win by almost three minutes. But Sime was glad to be on the track when Cantu made his attempt on the M90 World and American Records. The American Record of 9:56.58 was well within his reach but he would go faster than the required average of 74.6 seconds per lap. Cantu clocked 71 seconds for the first 200 meters and then ran off sub-75 laps like clockwork for the next four. With 600 meters to go, Cantu knew his training had prepared him for this moment. He accelerated, covering the 6th lap in 72.4 seconds and the final two in just over 71 seconds. When he crossed the finish line, the clock read 9:45.18. He had the M90 American Record and he had the M90 World Record, a remarkable achievement! Just under three minutes later, Sime crossed the finish line, earning the silver medal.

Inocencio Cantu 9:45.18     Colben Sime 12:33.46

Men 85-89 Unlike the 3000M, this time Joe Cordero NE 65+ RC would have a teammate, Ram Satyaprasad  NE 65+ RC, to help him chase Sherwood Sagedahl Unattached around the 200-meter oval. Sagedahl had a 20 second lead after the first lap and stretched it the rest of the way, capturing the win, with over three minutes to spare, in 8:26.07. Satyaprasad opened a small gap back to Cordero on the first lap and stretched it, by the end, to over a half minute. Satyaprasad had the silver medal and Cordero the bronze.

Sherwood Sagedahl 8:26.07     Ram Satyaprasad 12:05.64     Joe Cordero 12:40.80

Men 80-84 Tom Jennings Greater Philadelphia TC, Stan Edelson Shore AC, and Thomas D. Sullivan Unattached moved away from the starting line and each quickly fell into a pace that worked for them.  Jennings covered the first lap in 55.48 and kept the rest of the laps except #5 under 60 seconds. He made up for his 60.12 fifth lap with a blazing 53.62 last lap. Jennings enjoyed the win in 7:42.68. He added the gold medal to the one he won in the 3000 Meter Run. Edelson favored a pace per lap of 1:03 to 1:11, resulting in second place, a minute and fifteen seconds behind Jennings. A minute and a half later, Sullivan claimed third.

Tom Jennings 7:42.68     Stan Edelson 8:57.29     Thomas D. Sullivan 10:26.76

Men 75-79 John Roeske Boulder Road Runners was going for his second distance win of the meet. He knows how to bide his time in these races. This time, Donald Loewe So Cal TC led it out for his teammate, Tim Wigger So Cal TC, clocking 47.30 for the first lap. There was a four second gap back to Larry Rink So Call TC, Wigger, Paul Perry, and Roeske, in that order. Loewe held the llead for the first half mile. By that time, Wigger was right on his heels, followed closely by Perry, Rink and Roeske. There was only a second and a half between first and fifth. Wigger moved to the front on the next lap, pulling Perry and Roeske with him. Perry made his bid on the next lap, moving past Wigger. But Wigger and Roeske held on just fractions of a second back! They stayed in that order through the seventh lap and took the bell that way. On the first turn, Roeske accelerated and had to swing out as he passed both Wigger and a lapped runner. Roeske kept his acceleration going and sped past Perry on the backstretch! Wigger past Perry at the end of the backstretch but there was no catching Roeske now! He claimed the gold medal in 6:40.61, just two seconds ahead of Wigger. Five seconds later, Perry crossed the finish line in third with five seconds to spare, followed by Loewe and Rink.

John Roeske 6:40.61     Tim Wigger 6:42.76     Paul Perry 6:47.89

12:55 PM Men 70-74 Jay Foote Westchester TC set the pace early, covering the first lap in 46.84. Spider Rossiter Shore AC led the closely bunched group running two seconds behind Foote: Joseph Chimino Genesee Valley Harriers, Tim McMullen Genesee Valley Harriers, David Wiliams Eastern Buckeye TC, Eugene Myers Potomac Valley TC. Jay kept his Foot(e) on the pedal. (sorry, I couldn't resist!) At 600 meters, Foote still had a full second on Rossiter and the rest of the crew. On the next lap, Rossiter moved past Foote, opening a 1-second lead. Chimino and Myers moved past the others and slid in right behind Foote. Over the next three laps, Rossiter built his lead over Foote to twelve seconds. Rossiter cruised to victory at 6:16.12! McMullen moved past Myers and then Foote to claim second with a sub-forty second last lap! Foote was able to keep Myers at bay, claiming third with four seconds to spare. Williams and Chimino followed in fifth and sixth.

Spider Rossiter 6:16.12     Tim McMullen 6:25.68     Jay Foote 6:27.80

1:05 PM Men 65-69

David Westenberg Greater Lowell RR moved right to the front, with Fred Torneden GPTC falling in immediately behind him. Torneden won the 60-64 division at the USATF Masters 1 Mile (road) championships, in Westenberg’s absence, last June in Indianapolis. Michael Lebold Jamul Toads allowed a small space to develop between him and Torneden. Westenberg was relentless in pushing the pace. After the first half mile, a small gap started to grow between Westenberg and Torneden. By the three-quarter mile mark, Westenberg had a four second advantage. Westenberg extended that lead in each of the final two laps, enjoying the victory at 5:22.83. Lebold had gradually closed the gap to Torneden by the fifth lap and on the first turn of the sixth lap, moved past Torneden as Westenberg was pulling away from both. Lebold pushed the pace but could not drop Torneden. As they came off the final turn, Torneden had the better kick, claiming second in 5:30.11 to 5:31.0 for Lebold. Timothy Conheady closed strong to take fourth in 5:32.78.

David Westenberg 5:22.83     Fred Torneden 5:30.11   Michael Lebold 5:31.00

1:20 PM Men 60-64

Simon Rayner Canada sped to the front, kept the hammer down all the way to take the victory in 5:00.19. Four athletes, Gerry O’Hara CPTC, John Borthwick Boulder RR, Jeff Mann Unattached, and David Shotts Unattached, ran in a tight pack, in that order, well behind Rayner. At the halfway point there was little over a second between second and fifth. Mann moved ahead of Borthwick but otherwise nothing changed. With two laps to go, O’Hara accelerated; Mann went with him. Borthwick and Shotts drifted slowly back. Borthwick and Shotts picked up their pace as well but could not match the pace of O’Hara and Mann. O’Hara kicked in with a 33 second last lap, claiming silver in 5:16.88. Mann also had a strong kick; his 35 second last lap brought him home in third, with a 5:19.17. Borthwick was just three seconds back in fourth, with Shotts close behind in fifth.

Simon Rayner 5:00.19     Gerry O'Hara 5:16.88      Jeff Mann 5:19.17

1:30 PM Men 55-59

Charles Novak controlled this race from the front, forging a three second lead in the first 2 laps. He built it the rest of the way. Novak claimed the win in 4:49.48 with a ten second margin of victory. Chris McDonald led David Taylor and Benoit Hogue in a tight 2-3-4 group through five laps. On the sixth lap, Hogue moved past Taylor to keep McDonald from pulling away. Hogue was right on McDonald’s heels at the start of the final lap. Hogue made no headway but stayed close. Midway through the final straightaway, Hogue found an extra gear and almost surprised McDonald. But McDonald reacted and held on for the silver medal with a margin of less than a tenth of a second, 4:59.36 to Hogue’s 4:59.45! Taylor finished fourth.

Charles Novak 4:49.48     Chris McDonald 4:59.36     Benoit Hogue 4:59.45

1:40 PM Men 50-54

Mark Williams Unattached took the field through the first lap. At the end of the second lap, Brian Tullis Indiana Elite AC moved past Williams and led the 4-athlete group. Williams fell in behind Tullis, just ahead of Craig Maclean Canada and Jonathan Bishard Kansas City Smoke. They remained in that order, tightly bunched through 6 laps. Bishard made a move on the first turn of lap 7, racing past Tullis. Williams recognized the danger and quickly accelerated, closing on Bishard. As they came out of the second turn, heading down the backstretch to take the bell. Williams made another decisive move, taking the lead. Flowing smoothly over the final lap, Williams claimed the victory. Bishard could not catch him. But neither could Maclean nor Tullis catch Bishard. It was Williams with the win at 4:35.52, 0.4 seconds ahead of Bishard. Maclean finished third in 4:36.61 with Tullis a second back in fourth.

Mark Williams 4:35.52     Jonathan Bishard 4:35.92     Craig Maclean 4:36.61

1:50 PM Men 45-49

Trent Bryson Cal Coast TC led a 5-man pack through the first three-quarters of the race. Chuck Schneekloth Garden State TC slid into 2nd on the rail, followed by Joe Hyland Unattached, Joseph Abbot Shadow Project TC and John Becker GPTC. They stayed that way through six laps. On the backstretch of lap 7, Hyland moved past Bryson and Schneekloth, with Schneekloth responding but Bryson falling back. As they came out of the last turn on 7, Becker moved past Schneekloth on the outside to move into second and challenge Hyland. Schneekloth stayed close, confident in his kick. 

Trent Bryson leading Chuck Schneekloth and the rest of the field in the 1 Mile Run at the 2024 Masters Indoor Championships

Around the final turn, a lane opened up for Schneekloth between Hyland and Becker. He shot through, took the lead and they could not catch him. Schneekloth had gold in 4:46.62, with Becker rallying past Hyland to take 2nd at 4:46.86. Abbot closed fast to edge Hyand for bronze, 4:47.13 to 4:47.59. Bryson took fifth in 4:50.71. It was a ‘barn burner’!

Chuck Schneekloth 4:46.62     John Becker 4:46.86     Joseph Abbot 4:47.13

2:00 PM Men 40-44

Jay Stephenson Unattached and Jeremy Ruston Unattached were matched up again, this time with Scott Wallace Shadow Project TC added into the mix. Wallace was willing to take the initial lead, with Ruston and Stephenson in tow. Ruston briefly moved into the lead with three laps to go! But when they approached 400 meters to go, Wallace seized the lead again! It looked like Stephenson might get dropped but he hung in third and gradually his rhythm was working and he closed with Rushton. Coming off the turn, Stephenson accelerated past Ruston. As Wallace took the bell, Stephenson was within striking distance. Stephenson got his kick going with 300 meters to go, passed Ruston on the backstretch and was able to pull away for the win in 4:33.00. Wallace claimed silver in 4:34.03, with Ruston third at 4:37.80.

Jay Stephenson 4:33.00    Scott Wallace 4:33.03    Jeremy Ruston 4:37.80

2:10 PM Men 35-39

By 600 meters it was clear the battle would come down to Roger Piñon Piñon TC, Reginald Sanders Atlanta TC, and Stanley Peyton Unattached. They headed out for the fourth lap in that order. Sanders challenged Piñon, passing as they approached 800 meters to go. There was now a small gap back to Peyton.  Sanders was content to stride along behind Piñon until they approached a lap to go. Sanders took the lead and stretched it out, winning in 4:35.95. Piñon enjoyed second in 4:42.26, ahead of Peyton, third in 4:46.13.

Reginald Sanders 4:35.95     Roger Piñon 4:42.26     Stanley Peyton 4:46.13

2:20 PM Men 25-34

Men 30-34 In the early going, Jeff Boudreaux Houston Striders was leading Charles Dorsett Unattached, Brian Sixbury Unattached, and Peter Francis Guevara Athletics East TC around the track. By 600 meters, Boudreaux and Dorsett had separated from Guevara in 3rd and Sixbury fourth. As they approached 300 meters to go, Dorsett passed Boudreaux with authority and pulled away. Dorsett took the gold medal in 4:36.25, with Boudreaux second at 4:51.54. Guevara finished third at 5:16.46.

Charles Dorsett 4:36.25     Jeff Boudreaux 4:51.54     Peter Francis Guevara 5:16.46

Men 25-29 By 600 meters it was a 3-athlete race; Dalton Atchison Unattached led the way, with Jared Murphy Run Elite Program and Christopher Cummings Unattached on his heels. They remained in that order throughout. After Atchison took the bell, he accelerated and had the best kick of the three. Atchison enjoyed the win in 4:40.85. Murphy outlasted Cummings for second place, 4:42.52 to 4:43.08!

Dalton Atchison 4:40.85     Jared Murphy 4:42.52     Chruistopher Cummings 4:43.08

1 Mile  WOMEN   Saturday, March 23

11:20 AM Women 70-89

Women 85-89 Tami Graf Potomac Valley TC took the win unopposed at 16:15.00. That gave her a second gold medal to go with her 3000M win.

Women 80-84 Angela Staab TNT International was also unopposed, winning in 13:09.24.

Women 75-79 Five athletes toed the start line for this division championship. But Yoko Eichel So Cal TC had no peers. She enjoyed an 8-second lead by the end of the first lap. Eichel claimed the gold medal in 9:15.70. Kathleen Frable So Cal TC stayed within three seconds of Nancy Berger TNT International through the first six laps but the gap grew over the last two. Berger won silver in 10:25.95, with Frable claiming bronze at 10:40.06, Frable finished less than three seconds ahead of a fast-closing Terry Foody BLUEgrass Runners.

Yoko Eichel 9:15.70     Nancy Berger 10:25.95 Kathleen Frable 10:40.06

Women 70-74 Coreen Steinbach Greater Philadelphia TC built a 10 second lead in the first quarter mile and doubled it by the time she crossed the finish line. Steinbach earned gold in 7:46.91. Miriam Paulus Dayton TC claimed second in 8:07.20; Trenice Mullis Dubow Atlanta TC finished third at 10:00.94.

Coreen Steinbach 7:46.91     Miriam Paulus 8:07.20     Trenice Mullis Dubow 10:00.94

11:40 AM Women 65-69

Debbie Lee So Cal TC led the field through the first lap, with Lesley Hinz Atlanta TC right on her heels and Tracey Bernett Unattached sliding in behind her in third. They stayed in that order through the first five laps, with never more than a second. At the beginning of the 6th lap, Bernett swung out around the two leaders and briefly assumed the lead before Hinz saw the move and not only covered it but moved past both Lee and Bernett. Once past Bernett, Hinz’s acceleration opened a gap. Lee moved past Bernett but could not close on Hinz who had a three second lead with 2 laps to go. Although Lee fought hard, Bernett made the catch for good as they finished the 6th lap. But there was no catching Hinz; she doubled her lead on lap 7. Once she got her kick going on the final lap, Hinz flew away! Hinz won in 6:52.50, with Bernett second at 7:04.94. Lee earned the bronze medal in 7:12.96, ahead of a fast-closing Alda Cossi Liberty AC, fourth in 7:18.25. Earlier in this Grand Prix season, having recovered from surgery, Hinz did her duty for the team, on the turf at Tallahassee, and then on the roads in Atlanta. Now she was back on her favorite surface, the track!

Lesley Hinz 6:52.50     Tracey Bernett 7:04.94     Debbie Lee 7:12.96

11:50 AM Women 60-64

When Sue McDonald Pursuit of Excellence TC steps onto the track, with an American Record as her goal, there is an extra buzz of excitement around the track. Apparently, she missed the American and World Records in the 400-meter dash on Friday by just over 0.3 seconds! McDonald would be chasing the American Record of 5:43.75, set 6 years ago by Hinz, the winner of 65-69 this year.  McDonald also had her sights set on a World Indoor Mile record, just lowered a month earlier by Clare Elms, Great Britain, in London to 5:30.89. She needed to average under 43 seconds per lap for the AR and well under 42 seconds per lap for the WR. There was no question of anyone staying with her; all eyes were on McDonald. The first lap was just a half second under 43, good enough for an AR but she would need to be faster for a shot at the WR. But then she got into her rhythm and the next 4 laps were all under 40 seconds. With three laps to go she was four seconds under WR pace! But that pace had taken its toll. The sixth lap was two seconds slower than the fifth! Now it was a battle of attrition; the muscles in her legs must have been screaming. She gave back another two seconds on the 7th lap. Did she have a kick left? McDonald’s legs were heavy, but she gave it all she had, getting over the line, and then collapsing! She had the American Record with twelve seconds to spare. She missed the World Record by less than a second!  McDonald’s winning time was 5:31.77.

And then there was the rest of the field. Deb Torneden Greater Philadelphia TC led the way, taking second in a fine 6:07.87, seven seconds ahead of the bronze medal winner. Terry Allen Ronald McDonald House of Providence surged past Makie Ohler Canada on the last lap to claim bronze by a single second in 6:14.77.

Sue McDonald 5:31.77     Deb Torneden 6:07.87     Terry Allen 6:14.77

12:00 PM Women 55-59

A highly competitive field had entered this division but the American Record was likely out of their reach. Liz Maguire Canada sped to the front, with Lisa Veneziano Pursuit of Excellence TC and Jennifer Harvey Central Park TC in hot pursuit. On the backstretch of the second lap, Harvey saw too much of a gap opening between Maguire and Veneziano, surged past Veneziano and closed on Maguire. Maguire and Harvey continued 1-2 over the next few laps; Veneziano gradually fell back but stayed well ahead of the next runner, Judy Stobbe Central Park TC. Harvey was content to stay close to Maguire through most of the first six laps. Just before the end of the sixth lap, the pair approached a group of slower runners they were lapping; Harvey seized that moment to surge to the front. Maguire worked around the runners but could not close on Harvey. From there, Harvey sped away for the win, claiming gold in 5:28.65, four seconds ahead of Maguire in 2nd. Veneziano finished third in 5:37.90, with Stobbe fourth at 5:56.16. Veneziano added the bronze medal to the 3000-meter gold medal she earned Thursday evening.

Jennifer Harvey 5:28.65     Liz Maguire 5:32.68     Lisa Veneziano 5:37.90

12:10 PM Women 50-54

Sonja Friend-Uhl Florida TC-SE surged away from the field, opening a lead of 15 yards in the first lap. In situations like this, Friend-Uhl runs like clockwork. She has a goal pace and hits it. Her next 6 laps were all between 40.40 and 41.38; she extended her lead from three seconds to twenty-three seconds when she took the bell. Friend-Uhl finally allowed herself a sub-40 second lap, taking the win in 5:27.31. Behind her, Julie Mercado Dayton TC, Felecia Nedley Unattached, and Kara Parker Run MN had a dandy battle for the remaining two podium spots. Parker led the threesome through the first three laps, in tight 2-3-4 order, behind Friend-Uhl. Mercado made her move on the fourth lap and led them through the next two. Nedley took the lead with two laps to go and held it through that lap but could not shake Mercado and Parker following in that order. Parker gathered her strength, surged past Mercado and made a move to catch Nedley on the final stretch, but ran out of track. Nedley enjoyed second place in 5:50.01; Parker was third at 5:50.24! Mercado was two seconds back in fourth.

Sonja Friend-Uhl 5:27.31     Felecia Nedley 5:50.01     Kara Parker 5:50.24

12:20 PM Women 45-49

Like Friend-Uhl in the race before, Sascha Scott was a model of consistency once she hit her stride. Scott kept laps 2 through 7 between 38.16 and 39.25 on her way to a big win at 5:11.33. By the end of the first lap, Jennifer Sober Florida TC-SE had settled in third, a couple of strides behind her regional rival, Euleen Josiah-Tanner T.H.E. TC. Determined to keep closer to Josiah-Tanner than she had in the 3000 Meters Thursday evening, Sober stayed attached. Josiah-Tanner could not drop Sober nor could Sober surge past Josiah-Tanner. It was one of those cases where each runner helped the other to a faster time. At the end, Josiah-Tanner had the silver medal at 5:33.96, to go with her gold in the 3000, and Sober the bronze at 5:34.86, to go with her silver 3000M medal.

Sascha Scott 5:11.33     Euleen Josiah-Tanner 5:33.96     Jennifer Sober 5:34.86

12:30 PM Women 25-44

Women 40-44 April Lund GYS TC was going after her second gold medal. The 3000 Meter winner wasted no time. Lund moved right to the front. But this time she had company as Caryn Gehrke Very Nice TC and Allison Howard North Idaho Distance project fell in behind in single file. Gehrke was still inside of three seconds behind the leader when Lund started to tighten the screw, running each successive lap just a bit faster than the last. By the time she took the bell, she had a margin of ten seconds and growing. In the end, Lund had the gold at 5:02.35, winning by over fifteen seconds. As she tried to answer Lund’s second half mile surge, Gehrke pulled away from Howard. Gehrke finished second at 5:17.63, with Howard third at 5:26.44. Hidi Gaff Three Rivers Racing outlasted Jennifer Ledford Potomac Valley TC to take 4th.

April Lund 5:02.35     Caryn Gehrke 5:17.63     Allison Howard 5:26.44

Women 35-39 Nicole Rhodes Pony Express TFC and Laura Wiatt Boston-North TC engaged in a tight duel. Wiatt took the lead with Rhodes right on her heels. Wiatt hit the half mile in 2:47.60, with Rhodes less than 0.3 behind. Over the next 400 meters Wiatt opened a two-second gap but Rhodes hung tough on the 7th lap. On the final lap, Rhodes unleashed her kick and it was good to carry her past Wiatt for the win, 5:34.66 to 5:35.54. Cher Armstrong Raleigh Walkers finished third a minute back.

Nicole Rhodes 5:34.66     Laura Wiatt 5:35.54     Cher Armstrong 6:45.01

Women 30-34 Shea Johannsen Unattached took the title unopposed in 5:22.67.

800M  WOMEN   Sunday, March 24

9:45 AM Women 70-89

Women 85-89 Tami Graf Potomac Valley TC earned her second distance gold medal to go with her 300M gold. As before, she won unopposed, this time in 7:31.50.

Tami Graf 7:31.50

Women 80-84 Angela Staab TNT International stayed close for the first 200 meters but then Cora Hill TNT International pulled away, leading by almost 8 seconds at 400 meters. Hill won in 5:40.70; Staab was second in 6:16.03.

Cora Hill 5:40.70     Angela Staab 6:16.03

Women 75-79 Jane Treleven Unattached opened a twenty-second lead on the first lap and rolled to the win in 3:28.94. Nancy Berger TNT International led Terry Foody BLUEgrass Runners by six seconds at the end of the first lap and by the same margin at the end of the second. Perhaps that gave Foody hope. In any case, Foody took four seconds out of that lead in the next lap. But try as she might, she could not get that last two seconds. Berger held on for the silver medal in 4:59.32; Foody took bronze in 5:01.14.

Jane Treleven 3:28.94     Nancy Berger 4:59.32     Terry Foody 5:01.14

Women 70-74 Coreen Steinbach Greater Philadelphia TC won in 3:22.43; Lydia Wood TNT International finished second at 7:25.04.

Coreen Steinbach 3:22.43     Lydia Wood 7:25.04

9:55 AM Women 65-69

Cheryl Bellaire led the field through the first lap, Lesley Hinz running on her shoulder. On the backstretch of the second loop, Hinz surged past Bellaire into the lead; Bellaire followed a couple of strides back. Debbie Lee, Susan Loyd, Tracy Bernett, Alda Cosi and Jan Tefft followed in close order. Right after 400 meters, Hinz surged again and grew the lead to four seconds when she took the bell. Bellaire closed slightly on the last lap but could not make any real inroads on the lead. Hinz had the win in 3:06.31, with Bellaire second in 3:09.97. Loyd broke away from the chase pack to take third in 3:13.81. Bernett, Lee, Cossi, and Tefft finished, in that order,  fourth through seventh.

Lesley Hinz 3:06.31     Cheryl Bellaire 3:09.97     Susan Loyd 3:13.81

10:04 AM Women 60-64

With the 3000 Meter and 1 Mile Records still in her legs, Sue McDonald Pursuit of Excellence TC would have a tough time taking down her own 60-64 World and American Record of 2:25.72. That did not mean she would not try! McDonald needed to average under 36.43 seconds per lap, a very tall order. No one could stay with her; she would have to do it on her own. When the first lap registered at 37.34, that meant she had a higher hill to climb. McDonald accelerated and registered 35.77. Perhaps she could do it after all!? Halfway through she was at 1:13:10; two more laps at that same 2nd lap pace would give her the record. It was not to be. The third lap was hard; the accumulated tiredness from going after three records in 3.5 days was too much. The third lap was 37.74; there would be no record. McDonald claimed the win against a strong field with sixteen seconds to spare! McDonald’s winning time was 2:29.88. That gave her the classic middle distance doble gold at the Mile and 800 meters (not to mention the 400 M gold).

In the meantime, Julie Hayden Greater Philadelphia TC had led the chase pack through the first 200meters, clocking 42.29. Louise Kelley Greater Philadelphia TC , Lorraine Jasper Greater Philadelphia TC, Deb Torneden Greater Philadelphia TC, Donna Dixon Canada, and Terry Allen Ronald McDonald House of Providence followed, tightly packed. Jasper took the chase pack lead at 400 meters and did not relinquish it, earning the silver medal with half a second to spare. Torneden was content to follow Hayden until there were 200 meters to go. 

Lorraine Jasper #8 and Julie Hayden #6 Lead the chase pack including Deb Torneden #5 and Louise Kelley #7 in the Women 60-64 800 Meter Run at the 2024 USATF Masters Indoor Championships

Torneden had the kick she needed on the final lap, claiming the bronze medal at 2:46.67, just 0.3 seconds ahead of Hayden in fourth. Allen, Kelley, and Dixon followed in that order, fifth through seventh.

Sue McDonald 2:29.88     Lorraine Jasper 2:46.19     Deb Torneden 2:46.67

10:12 AM Women 55-59

Michelle Rohl Greater Philadelphia TC set the American Record in January 2023 at 2:24.47. Rohl struggled with injuries last year but has come back strong. Still, there would be no need to hit her splits in 37.5 this day to get the win. Rohl wasted no time, going right to the front on the gun. Jennifer Harvey Central Park TC, likely her main rival for the win, did not react as fast. As a result, she had to swing wide coming out of the second turn and waste a bit of energy to close up behind Rohl. Liz Maguire Canada slid in behind Harvey, followed by Dominique St. Louis Central Park TC and Judy Stobbe Central Park TC. Harvey was less than 0.3 seconds behind Rohl with 200 meters to go! Rohl was flying; Harvey could stay with her but could not find the extra speed to close the gap. Rohl held the lead all the way to the finish line, claiming the gold medal in 2:31.67. Harvey took silver in 2:32.49. Heading into the bell lap, St. Louis had passed Maguire and pulled away. St. Louis finished third in 2:33.91. She was followed by Maguire and Stobbe in fourth and fifth.

Michelle Rohl 2:31.67     Jennifer Harvey 2:32.49     Dominique St. Louis 2:33.91

10:17 AM Women 50-54

Sonja Friend-Uhl Florida TC-SE2 took the gold medal in the Mile on Saturday. She was back again one day later to see if she could earn a second distance gold medal. Friend-Uhl went right to the front and built a two-second lead in the first lap. She raised that to over five seconds by 400 meters and kept adding to the lead. Friend-Uhl had her second distance gold medal in 2;27.82. Dianne DeOliveira Bella N Motion could not keep pace with Friend-Uhl but had no trouble distancing herself from the rest of the field. 

Dianne DeOliveira racing in the Women 55-59 800 Meter Run at the 2024 USATF Masters Indoor Championships

DeOliveira was just under 1:20 at 400 meters and claimed the silver medal at 2:39.47. Wendy Welch BLUEgrass Runners finished third at 2:48.60.

Sonja Friend-Uhl 2:27.82     Dianne DeOliveira 2:39.47     Wendy Welch 2:48.60

10:24 AM Women 45-49

Sascha Scott Syracuse TC was going for her second distance gold, like Friend-Uhl, the classic Mile-800M double! Scott accelerated away from the waterfall start and took the lead on the backstretch. Alison Schwalm Greater Philadelphia TC fell in behind, followed by Maria Dunne Ireland and Natalie Jones Central Park TC. Scott kept the pedal down, growing a two-second lead at 400 meters to almost six seconds at the tape. Scott’s winning time was 2:19.17. Jones passed Schwalm just before they took the bell for the final lap. She held onto that gap all the way to the tape, claiming second in 2:24.99, a second ahead of Schwalm. Dunne was fourth in 2:27.38. Scott had her classic double gold.

Sascha Scott 2:19.17     Natalie Jones 2:24.99     Allison Schwalm 2:26.07

10:30 AM Women 40-44

April Lund was aiming for her third gold medal in as many tries. She won her first Thursday evening in the 3000M and followed that up with a 1 Mile win on Saturday. Would her legs and lungs hold up for a fast 800 meters on Sunday?! Lund drew the outside lane which did not work in her favor initially. She had to stay out around the main pack of runners and did not take the lead until on the backstretch. Once Lund had the lead, she held onto it. At 200 meters, Lund was in the lead, followed closely by Evelyn Ortiz Chile, who had Allison Howard North Idaho DP on her shoulder. Lund passed 400M in 1:11.82 but still had a lead of less than a second. Howard was slightly in front of Ortiz now but was not able to cut in until they hit the backstretch. As they approached the bell lap, Lund had extended her lead over Howard to 1.3 seconds; Ortiz was now two seconds back from Howard. Lund kept the pedal down; she saved her fastest split for last. Lund won in 2:23.61, with almost four seconds to spare. The effort to stay tight on Lund had taken its toll on Howard. Howard’s last lap was her slowest; as she slowed, Ortiz sped up and nearly nipped her at the finish line. Howard enjoyed second in 2:27.51, with Ortiz in third, just 0.3 seconds back.

April Lund 2:23.61     Allison Howard 2:27.51     Evelyn Ortiz 2:27.54

10:36 AM Women 25-39

Women 35-39 Sophia Downey Unattached moved right to the lead, with Laura Wiatt Boston-North TC running on her heels, less than 0.4 seconds back at 200 meters. Downey stretched her lead at over two seconds by 400 meters. Downey extended the lead on the last two laps, taking gold in 2:26.65, with Wiatt in second place, ten seconds back. Cher Armstrong Raleigh Walkers finished third.

Sophia Downey 2:26.65     Laura Wiatt 2:36.85     Cher Armstrong 3:07.38

800M MEN   Sunday, March 24

10:42 AM Men 80-94

Men 90-94 The listed American Record for M90 800 meters is 4:19.97, set by Orville Rogers in 2008 in Boston. However, Inocencio Cantu Potomac Valley TC is also listed at 4:16.92 Houston Feb 18, 2024. Would Cantu be able to better the listed record or his own pending one? He would need to hit his splits in 64 seconds for the latter. For the former, 65’s would be sufficient. As it turned out, his first split was 65.55, within striking distance. When he added a second lap at 62.5, his 400-meter time was 2:08.05. That was faster than needed. He just needed another 400 meters like the first one. But perhaps not today. His third lap split was 1:06.30. If he could repeat the sub-63 split he achieved on lap two, he would at least beat Rogers’s record again and, if lucky, might out-match his Houston time. Cantu’s last lap left him shy of those goals. Still, it was a fine run and a gold medal effort. He finished at 4:22.68, a minute ahead of Colben Sime So Cal TC who finished second.

Inocencio Cantu 4:22.68     Colben Sime 5:23.86

Men 85-89 Sherwood Sagedahl Unattached took aim at Cantu’s M85 800-meter American Record of 3:36.42. He would need to average 54 seconds per lap. The first one was no problem; Sagedahl came through in 48.48. He had over five seconds in the bank! Things got tougher after that. Sagedahl had to take over a second out of the bank for the next lap, in 55.90. When his third lap slowed to 1:00.81, he had nothing left in the bank. He was off record pace. He had made a good effort though! He ran his last lap in 58.28; he had a fine win. Sagedahl claimed gold at 3:43.46, seven seconds off the record. Ram Satyaprasad NE 65+ RC led his teammate, Joe Cordero around the track for four laps. Satyaprasad took the silver medal with Cordero just five seconds back.

Sherwood Sagedahl 3:43.46     Ram Satyaprasad 5:23.98     Joe Cordero 5:29.00

Men 80-84 There was no record attempt in this division but there was a heck of a duel! Thomas Jennings Greater Philadelphia TC trailed Hal Lieberman Central Park TC for most of the first lap, passing him just before they finished the lap. Lieberman slid in behind Jennings. Lieberman was content to shadow Jenning for the next two laps. As they approached the end of the third lap, Lieberman moved past Jennings. But it was only temporary, as Jennings still had plenty in the tank. Jennings passed Lieberman on the backstretch and opened a wider gap as he kicked it home for the win in 3:51.32. 

Tom Jennings competed in the M80 400 Meter Run as well as the M80 800 Meter Run. This shows Jennings leading in the 400 Meter event at the 2024 USATF Masters Indoor Championships

Four seconds later, Lieberman claimed the silver medal. Thomas D. Sullivan Unattached finished third.

Thomas Jennings 3:51.32     Hal Lieberman 3:55.51     Thomas Sullivan 4:49.03

10:52 AM Men 75-79

The race started in an odd way. Paul Murphy Unattached started at a very reasonable pace for someone who expected to run somewhere between 3:00 and 3:10, hitting his first lap in 47.73. He looked like a ‘world-beater’ on the back stretch of that first lap because no one had gone with him. The others were easing into the race, perhaps thinking of it as tactical. By the backstretch on the second lap, things tightened up a bit. Murphy decided to slow down a bit, perhaps surprised with the big lead. In any case, Donald Loewe So Cal TC closed the gap on the backstretch and moved past Murphy coming out of the turn. John Roeske Boulder RR and Tim Wigger So Cal TC followed suit just before finishing the 2nd lap. As they came out of the first turn on hat third lap, Roeske surged past Loewe, with Wigger following his lead. Roeske and Wigger started to pull away from Loewe. Murphy had not gone away, and he had some gas in the tank yet. He pulled past Loewe on the straightway into the bell lap and set his sights on Roeske and Wigger. 

Tim Wigger pouring it on in the M75-79 800M run at the 2024 Masters Indoor Championships

That was a difficult task. Roeske was speeding up to see if he had a chance to drop Wigger. No luck! Wigger came off the final turn with a head of speed, surged past Roeske and took the win in 3:01.11, with Roeske just over a second back in second place. Three seconds later, Murphy sped across the line in third place. Loewe finished fourth another seven seconds back.

Tim Wigger 3:01.11      John Roeske 3:02.19     Paul Murphy 3:05.

11:00 AM Men 70-74

Spider Rossiter Shore AC went right to the front and Tim McMullen Genesee Valley Harriers followed in second, a couple of strides behind. David Williams Eastern Buckey TC and Eugene Myer Potomac Valley TC followed close behind. On the second lap, McMullen reduced the gap to Rossiter and Wiliams was right with him. Myers started to drop back. But after they hit the first turn on the third lap, Rossiter again opened a small gap on McMullen and Williams. When he took the bell for the final lap, Rossiter had two seconds on McMullen and Williams. Onto the backstretch, Rossiter kept up his high cadence, but McMullen got his long, loping stride going and it seemed as if he might take a bite out of Rossiter’s lead. Rossiter kept his high turnover going all the way to the finish line. He took the win in 2:47.24, with McMullen in second place, two seconds back. Williams claimed the bronze medal at 2:52.55. Myers took fourth.

Spider Rossiter 2:47.24     Tim McMullen 2:49.08     David Williams 2:52.55

11:08 AM Men 65-69

[Run in 3 sections, this recap covers only the final, seeded heat.] In the longer races, the 3000m and the 1 Mile, David Westenberg Greater Lowell Road Runners just grinded it out, laying down a pace that no others could stay with for long. Although he enjoys plenty of speed for a middle dist1ance runner, his ace in the hole has been his strength over the entire length of the race. The 800M is a different kind of challenge, especially when you are, as Westenberg was, in the middle of a build for the Boston Marathon. His main rival, who had come up short in the earlier two events, was Michael Lebold Jamul Toads. Lebold had the advantage of having beaten Westenberg over this distance in the past. Lebold’s strategy would be to hang with Westenberg’s pace long enough that he could unleash a kick that could carry him to the win. Westenberg’s strategy was to set a tough enough pace to take any kicks other than his own out of the equation. Westenberg led the field through the first lap at 38.83. Lebold followed directly behind. Stephen Chantry Unattached ran most of the first lap in lane two, a half stride ahead of Lebold. He slipped in ahead of Lebold just as they started the second lap. Those three were tracked by Timothy Conheady Greater Philadelphia TC, Evan Wykes Unattached, Tim Owen Mass Velocity TC, and Robert Whitaker Unattached. Westenberg continued at the front. 

David Westenberg leads Stephen Chantry and Michael Lebold (immediately behind Westenberg from L to R) and Tmothy Conheady (behind and to the left of Chantry) in the M65 800M at the 2024 Masters Indoor Championships

Lebold passed Chantry at the end of the backstretch and Conheady also tried to pass as they approached the end of lap two. Chantry fought him off until they were well into the first turn. Lebold pulled up almost even with Westenberg on the backstretch before dropping in behind for the turn, letting Westenberg know he was there. Westenberg and Lebold were 1-2 when they took the bell, with a small gap to Conheady, followed by Owen. As they headed up the backstretch and around the final turn, Lebold gathered himself approached, and moved even with Westenberg coming out of the turn. Lebold’s kick carried him forward and Westenberg found him9self with no added gear to call on. Lebold took the win in 2:29.90; Westenberg earned the silver at 2:30.70. Owen tried the same tactic with Conheady, accelerating off t1he final turn. Conheady had just enough of a kick to hold him off, claiming the bronze medal in 2:32.93, with Owen just 0.15 seconds behind. Whitaker, Wykes and Chantry followed in fifth through seventh.

Michael Lebold 2:29.90     David Westenberg 2:30.70     Timothy Conheady 2:32.93

11:15 AM Men 60-64

[Run in 3 sections, this recap covers only the final, seeded heat.]  Peter Kashulines moved right to the front, opened a gap, and led the field through the first lap in 33.80. The chase pack was led by Joseph Mora Genesee Valley Harriers, followed closely by Simon Rayner Canada, Mark Pickard Canada, John Borthwick Boulder Road Runners, and Rodney Garratt Unattached. Kashulines kept his high cadence going through the second lap. At 400 meters, the two Canadians moved past Mora and set their sights on Kashulines. They reduced the gap on that lap but did not close it. Despite their best efforts they could still not close the gap on the backstretch. When they tried to come off the turn with speed, they found that Kashulines had just enough left to hold them off. Kashulines claimed gold in 2:17.78, with Rayner less than 0.4 seconds back and Pickard basically even, just another 0.04 seconds back in third. Another second saw Mora finishing fourth, with a small gap back to Garratt and Borthwick in fifth and sixth.

Peter Kashulines 2:17.78     Simon Raynard 2:18.14     Mark Pickard 2:18.18

11:40 AM Men 55-59

Starting in the outside lane, Charles Novak Unattached did not move past Chris McDonald Boulder Road Runners until they were heading into the second turn. Novak led the field through the first lap in 33.05, with McDonald on his heels. Those two had a small gap on the rest of the field, led by Alejandro Heuck Greater Springfield Harriers, Benoit Hogue Canada, and Neil Fitzgerald Central Park TC. The second lap was much like the first, with McDonald right on Novak’s heels; the gap back to the chase pack grew. On the backsteret1ch of the third lap, Novak started to pull away almost imperceptibly. By the time they were coming out of the turn, Novak had opened a gap on McDonald. 

Chuck Novak leading Chris McDonald as they go 1-2 in the Men's 55-59 800 Meter Run at the 2024 Masters Indoor Championships

The gap widened as Novak pulled away to earn the gold medal in 2:10.54. McDonald could not match Novak’s closing pace but kept the rest of the field well back; he took second in 2:13.75. Three seconds later, Hogue claimed the bronze medal. He was followed by Fitzgerald and Heuck in fourth and fifth. Novak enjoyed the classic Mile/800M double gold. McDonald was happy to have a strong outing after dealing with back issues.

Charles Novak 2:10.54     Chris McDonald 2:13.75     Benoit Hogue 2:16.70

11:50 AM Men 50-54

Mark Williams Unattached sprinted away out of the outside lane, and took the lead on the first turn. The only one who could match that acceleration was Brian Tullis Indiana Elite AC who closed quickly and ran on Williams’s heels. Williams passed 400 meters in 29.53 with Tullis right behind. Ater a small gap, Craig Maclean Canada, Joshua Scherer Central Park TC, and Calvin Graham Atlanta TC came through in a tight group at 31.75. The next 400 meters saw more of the same except that the gap from the leading pair back to the chasers grew. Williams was setting a blistering pace, but Tullis was matching it. The pair went past 600 meters in 1:28.84 and 1:29.10 respectively. Both were showing the effects of the pace in their face but both kept grinding. As they headed into the final turn, Tullis gathered himself for one final surge. Coming out of the turn he pulled past Williams. And it was all over; Williams could not match that acceleration. Tullis had the win in 2:00.07, with Williams a second behind. Despite a strong last lap by Scherer, Maclean was able to hold onto third place at 2:09.23. Tullis was focused on the win. But, after the fact, must have been gratified to get so close to a sub-2 effort and, in any case, within a half second of Anselm LeBourne’s 1:59.62 American and World Record.

Brian Tullis 2:00.07     Mark Williams 2:01.13     Craig Maclean 2:09.23

Footnote: On March 30th, Williams competed at the Frontrunner’s Indoor Meet, clocking 1:59.30 to take down LeBourne’s 50-54 record, pending ratification.

12:00 PM Men 45-49

Jason Abbot Shadow Project TC led a foursome through the first lap in 32.46, with John Becker Greater Philadelphia TC just behind his right shoulder, teammate, Mark Walchinsky Shadow Project TC, behind Becker and Bryan Kelly Unattached on the rail. They continued in that order through 400 meters. Entering the first turn of the third lap, Abbot accelerated, opening a small gap back to Becker and Walchinsky, with those two having a small gap on Kelly. As they took the bell, Abbot continued strong at the front, and Walchinsky moved ahead of Becker. Abbot took the gold medal in 2:06.92, with Walchinsky just over a second back. A second later, Becker finished third, with almost three seconds to spare, ahead of Kelly.

Jason Abbot 2:06.92     Mark Walchinsky 2:08.12     John Becker 2:09:16

12:06 PM Men 40-44

Philip Stead Very Nice TC led a closely packed group of seven through the first lap in 31.98. The group included Scott Wallace Shadow Project TC, Dan Cleary Heartbreakers, and Kenneth Nwadike Team Superhero, tight on Stead. A tiny gap filled the space between Nwadike and the other three, George Young Unattached, Jonathan Feddock BLUEgrass Runners, and Joshua Rushton Fast Track Racing. Nothing changed on the second lap. The third lap was similar except that the gap between the front four and the three chasers grew. On the backstretch of the last lap, Stead and Wallace started pulling away from Cleary. Nwadike surged past Cleary into third. Coming off the final turn, Wallace moved past Stead and took the win in 2:02.78. Wallace had timed his move perfectly. A fast-closing Nwadike almost nipped Stead for second at the finish line. But Stead had the silver medal just 0.07 seconds ahead of Nwadike. Two seconds later, Cleary finished 4th with Young another second and a half back in fifth.

Scott Wallace 2:02.78     Philip Stead 2:03.09     Kenneth Nwadike 2:03.16

12:12 PM Men 35-39

Reginald Sanders Atlanta TC ran the first 200 meters in 29.77, enjoying a lead of almost two seconds. Sanders added another second to his lead on the second lap; he did not relinquish any of that lead until the final few meters when the outcome was not in doubt. Sanders enjoyed the win in 2:03.95. Stanley Peyton Unattached closed hard to finish within two seconds of Sanders. 

Stanley Peyton at the 2024 Masters Indoor Championships in Chicago

Jeff Wilson Unattached earned the bronze medal at 2:10.48, three seconds ahead of Hunter Daniel Prado Racing in fourth.

Reginald Sanders 2:03.95     Stanley Peyton 2:06.31     Jeff Wilson 2:10.48

12:18 PM Men 30-34

Charles Dorsett had no peers in this division. He raced to 27.92 over the first 200 meters, and carried that pace through 400 meters. At that point he had a seven second lead! Dorsett cruised through the next two laps at 29 seconds per lap, earning the gold medal with a 1:54.09. Fourteen seconds back, Brian Doxey kicked away from Hansen Martin to claim the silver medal. Martin was two seconds behind Doxey and three seconds ahead of Jeff Boudreaux in fourth. 

Charles Dorsett 1:54.09     Brian Doxey 2:08.20     Hansen Martin 2:10.20

 It was an excellent set of middle-distance performances at the National Masters Indoor Champs! It had  the excitement of record-setting performances, gutsy ‘catch me if you can’ performances and incredible duels! It will be exciting to see some of these same actors on the roads and then in the summer at the Masters Outdoor Championships. Ten kilometers is not too much of a stretch for many of these athletes. We will see some of them running for their teams at the Masters 10 Km Championships, hosted by the James Joyce Ramble in Dedham, MA on April 28th. The Masters Road Mile Championships are on May 19th, hosted by the Mile of Truth in Danville, CA. Those championships are the perfect spot for middle distance runners to make their mark on the roads. July 18-21 in Sacramento will find many of these athletes testing their fitness, and renewing friendships, at the Outdoor TF Championships.


  1. You omitted the men's 70-74 1 mile run

    1. Thank you, Eugene. The M75-94 and M70-74 1 Mile events are now included.

  2. Paul, thanks for another Herculean coverage effort! Your labors are much appreciated by your fellow runners!