Saturday, September 18, 2021

Preview 4: Teams at the 2021 USATF Masters 12 km Championships

September 18 2021 I am providing a quick look at the team competitions in tomorrow's race on the By Hook or By Crook 12 km course. Which team will have the honor in each ten-year division of winning ALL of the 2021 National Road Championships in one fell swoop?

M40+ This is Greater Philadelphia TC's to lose. They could well break 2 hours as a team. Garden State TC New Balance has a nicely balanced fast team but have a hard time compensating for the top end runners that Greater Philly has. Garden State will press all the way, but may have to settle for Silver Medals. The Freedom Garmin Runners will be pressing Garden State for the second spot but may come up just short.

There appears to be more of a gap back to Shore AC and then back to Manchester Running Company.

Greater Philadelphia Track Club     Garden State Track Club     Freedom Garmin Runners

W40+ Shore AC should get the win with a few minutes to spare. The Garden State Track Club and the Impala Racing Team should have a tight battle for second. It appears that GSTC's team has just enough to repel the West Coast invaders, but it could be very close! The Impalas should have a substantial lead over the likely 4th place team of Shore AC 'B'. It is a tribute to the strength of Shore AC that their B team can finish just off the podium!

Shore Athletic Club     Garden State Track Club     Impala Racing Team

M50+ The outcome of this team contest will depend on whether Craig Godwin can run or not. As noted in the Ae Division preview, Godwin took a nasty fall and needed emergency medical care. He said nothing was permanently damaged but it is hard to know if he will come to NJ and if he will be able to run at his normal level. In my assessment here, I am assuming he will not be able to run at his usual level. If that turns out to be true, then the honors in a tightly fought team battle should go to the Garden State TC team. Otherwise, the Bowerman Track Club  should prevail. If Godwin were at full strength it would be Bowerman in a hard fought contest. If Godwin is not in their top 3, then Garden state takes the hard-fought battle. The Genesee Valley Harriers team is also very strong. It looks to me like GSTC and Bowerman have a slight edge but it should be very tight! GVH has a chance. The Freedom Garmin Runners team  looks to be just off the podium, but not by much. The Greater Philadelphia TC team should come in next, followed by Shore AC  

Garden State Track Club    Bowerman Track Club      Genesee Valley Harriers

W50+  This one looks like a battle between the Greater Philadelphia Track Club and the Shore AC, with the Garden State Track Club close behind. Now that the Athena TC has broken up and many of their members are on GPTC, GPTC may now be the 'Big Dog.'  Shore AC is also strong though. My reading says Shore AC is just about fast enough to take the Gold in a tight contest, but it could go either way. Garden State should have no problem taking the Bronze.

Shore Athletic Club     Greater Philadelphia Track Club      Garden State Track Club

M60+ Shore AC looks good for the win. Reno Stirrat is not at full fitness, but they  have a new M60 speedster, Rick Lee. And they have good depth.  Greater Philadelphia TC is more balanced than Shore but has no one to answer Lee. It will be close though! Even though several of the Genesee Valley Harriers are coming back from injury, the fivesome should have a strong enough base to claim third ahead of Garden State TC New Balance.

Shore Athletic Club      Greater Philadelphia Track Club     Genesee Valley Harriers

W60+  It should be the Impala Racing Team, Shore Athletic Club and Fleet Feet/Essex Racing going 1-2-3. The Impalas are fast and determined. Shore AC will push them but may have to settle for Silver. 

Impala Racing Team     Shore Athletic Club     Fleet Feet/Essex Racing

M70+  If Dykes can run at all well, Greater Philadelphia TC should win this team race. After that, the Genesee Valley Harriers looks strong for 2nd, followed by the Atlanta Track Club. But there is enough uncertainty that the order could be in the opposite order or some other permutation.

Greater Philadelphia Track Club     Genesee Valley Harriers

W70+ The Impala Racing Team should take the Gold medals with the Raritan Valley Road Runners taking 2nd.

Impala Racing Team    Raritan Valley Road Runners

M80+ The Clifton Road Runners will race this event to honor their fallen comrade, Matt Lalumia. They will take the Gold unchallenged.

Clifton Road Runners 


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