Thursday, February 25, 2021

Opportunity to Participate in a Virtual Race as a Posthumous Tribute to Cesar Sajche Valladares--Register ASAP

 February 25, 2021. Yesterday evening I received a note from a representative of NCCWMA, the  North American, Central American and Carribbean division of World Masters Athletics. The note asked me to let USATF Masters athletes know about the event. Unfortunately I have no information about Sr. Valladares, other than that he was an NCCWMA representative from Guatemala. 

According to the document sent, which I have copied in below, the deadline is this afternoon at 5 pm. The website of the NCCMA (apparently in Spanish speaking countries they do not include the 'W') has a notice saying "Registrations are open until 8 p.m. (ET) February 27". One other thing, when you click on the first link below to register, you arrive at a website in Spanish. But at the top, under the flags, it says 'Select Language.' Click on that and a pull-down menu allows you to select 'English.' Read on for details about the event and how to fully participate.


Virtual Road Race, Run or Walk

Tribute to César Sajché Valladares


The paramount mission of the North, Central American and Caribbean Masters Athletics, affiliated with the WMA, is to coordinate and regulate activities related to athletics in adulthood.  For this reason, we are presenting to all competitors aged 30 and above, this virtual race which will be run as a posthumous tribute to our Guatemalan representative, César Sajché Valladares:

Date: Run or walk from March 1st to 7th, 2021

Time: At the time of your choice, as long as it falls within the days indicated above.

Place: You can do it in the place of your choice, respecting the proper physical distance measures that prevail in your city.

Period to complete the race: You must run or walk the distance you have chosen in a single event on any of the days mentioned above.  If you stop before finishing, the device will register the suspension of the race, in which case you will have to start again.

Walking distances: 5k or 10k.

Running distances: 3k, 5k or 10k.

More than one distance:  You may do more than one distance, but you must register and pay separately for each distance.

Cost: 3.00 US Dollars per entry.

To enter and take part, follow these steps:


1.- Entries: Register from present publication until February 25th, 2021 at 5:00 pm, Mexico City time (6:00 pm EST).  To register, log on to the web site, and follow the instructions given. After payment, wait for a confirmation email with your bib number and the access code for the app “TYR”, which you must download onto your mobile phone.  (You can get it free at the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, depending on your mobile OS).


2.-Age groups.  Your 5-year age group will correspond to your age on March 1st.:
































M100 +

W100 +

3.- Using the Application.

       Enter the Play Store or App Store, look for the “TYR Tempos and Results” application (as mentioned above).


       Select the César Sajché Valladares virtual athletic race event.

       Enter the view direct option to see the welcome video

       Return to the initial window and click on participate, write down your username and password which you    received by mail after registration.

       The application will open the window with your data, full name, age group, gender and the distance you have chosen.

       When you are ready, activate the mobile data, the GPS on your mobile device, wait for the GPS to detect your location, click on the "start running" bar.

       The system will indicate you by means of an audible stopwatch the pace for each kilometer and also when you have completed the race.

       The application will show a map with the route, select on the results screen, click to record your route.

       If you suspend the course before covering or completing your distance, the system will not produce any results.

       You will be able to observe the classification of all the participants, see in the trophies option the first three places for each age group

       You can upload your photographs as evidence of your race, participate virtually with the NCCMA.


Note: You must also have security measures and comply with the guidelines of the health authorities of your city

We suggest the use of a face mask that allows you to breathe properly while you run or walk, if you can’t physically distance yourself from others.

You must carry your phone with you. Make sure to turn on the GPS.


The application will record the exact date and time of the start, the distance covered, and your time for the the race.  It will automatically stop when the distance for which you have registered is reached. The results of the run or walk will be published at the following website five days after March 7.

4.- Awards.  

Virtual recognition with time and position by age group and gender will be included in the published results.



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