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Summary of USA Results in Distance and Non-Stadia Events at World Masters Athletics (WMA) World Championships in Malaga, Spain

September 16 2018. This post lists medal winners at the Middle Distance events [800 Meters and up] on the Track and the Non-Stadia events, the Cross Country, 10K and Half Marathon Road Races at the WMA World Masters Athletics Championships. Details on times are provided for athletes who finished in the top 15 in their events. A link to the complete results is provided at the bottom of this compilation.

Medal Winners in the Distance Events [details below] :


Sabra Harvey W65 8km Cross Country

Sabra Harvey W65 5000 Meter Run

Lesley Hinz W60 1500 Meter Run

Christine Kennedy W60 Half Marathon

Ray Knerr M55 800 Meter Run

Nat Larson M55 5000 Meter Run

Charles Novak M50 800 Meter Run

Eve Pell W80 6km Cross Country


Jeanne Daprano W80 1500 Meter Run

Sabra Harvey W60 8km Cross Country

Sabra Harvey W65 800 Meter Run

Sabra Harvey W65 1500 Meter Run

Lesley Hinz W60 800 Meter Run

Christine Kennedy W60 5000 Meter Run

Mark Williams M45 800 Meter Run

Beverly Wills W75 800 Meter Run

Beverly Wills W75 1500 Meter Run

Thelma Wilson W85 800 Meter Run


Team USA W40+ Half Marathon—Euleen Josiah-Tanner    Makie Ohler    Tina Klein

Team USA W50+ Cross Country--Makie Ohler    Jill Vollweiler    Tina Klein

Team USA M60+ Half Marathon—Christine Kennedy    Mary Faria    Faith Morris   

Team USA W70+ Cross CountryTerry Foody    Kathleen Frable    Eve Pell

Cheryl Bellaire W55 Steeplechase

Jeanne Daprano W80 800 Meter Run

Lloyd Hansen M70 Half Marathon

Robert Hendrick M75 Half Marathon

Lynn Hurrell W80 5000 Meter Run

Tom LeGan M50 1500 Meter Run

Makie Ohler W55 Half Marathon

[Notable finishes (top 15) are noted below-Medal winners underlined and in enlarged print. I report 5-year age divisions starting at 40. If no US competitor finished in the top 15, that division is omitted.]

September 5, 2018

Cross Country Results

W40 8km Rye Palen 13th in 33:16—Winner-Joyce Kirui Kenya 28:44

W45 8km Jenny Perth 6th in 33:10—Winner-Silvina Fabiola Motta Argentina 31:05

W50 8km Makie Ohler 8th in 33:28—Winner-Kathryn Bailey Great Britain 29:56

Team USA- Bronze Medal—1:46:17 [Makie Ohler 33:28, Jill Vollweiler 36:00, Tina Klein 36:49]—Winner-Great Britain 1:35:48

W55 8km Inka Mims 14th in 36:00—Winner-Esther Pedrosa Spain 30:44

W60 8km Sabra Harvey 2nd in 34:48—Winner-Maria Lorenzoni Italy 34:37

               Cathy Utzschneider 10th in 37:37

W65 8km Sabra Harvey 1st in 34:48

W70 6km Terry Foody 14th in 41:30—Winner-Angela Copson Great Britain 27:27

               Kathleen Frable 15th in 43:55

Team USA- Bronze Medal—2:09:38 [Terry Foody 41:30, Kathleen Frable 43:55, Eve Pell 44:13]—Winner-Great Britain 1:55:59

W80 6km Eve Pell 1st in 44:13

M60 8km Charlie Muse 10th in 30:47—Winner-Gregorio Saiz Spain 27:52

M70 6km Lloyd Hansen 15th in 27:24—Winner-Kauko Kuningas Finland 24:13

               Team USA 4th in 1:28:25—[Lloyd Hansen 27:24, Gordon Keller

               29:06, Dru Mathies 31:55] – Winner-Spain 1:17:44

M80 6km Elmo Shropshire 11th in 37:09—Winner-Bernardino Pereira Portugal 28:14

September 7, 2018

Steeplechase Results

W55 2K Cheryl Bellaire 3rd  in 8:55.6—Winner-Patrizi Passerini Italy 8:40.46

W70 2k Mary Trotto 4th in 15:44.82—Winner-Gillian Young Australia 10:25.65

M40 3k Clinton Santoro 9th in 10:43.28—Winner-Eliud Kirui Kenya 9:09.14

M45 3k Michael Madsen 5th in 10:09.34—

Winner-Ole Kristian Heggheim Norway 9:39.51

M60 2k Charlie Muse 6th in 7:45.39—Winner-Stanislaw Lancuki Poland 7:11.37

M65 2k Mark Weeks 15th in 9:27.51—Winner-Adriano Montini Italy 7:44.08

M70 2k Gordon Keller 5th in 9:42.02—Winner-Alex Swiecicki Grt. Britain 8:43.27

           Arnold Utterback 14th in 11:13.10

           Dru Mathies 15th in 11:24.48

M75 2k Ev Murdock 8th in 12:56.65—Winner-Felix Chino Choque Bolivia 9:22.19

M80 2k AJ Underwood 4th in 17:12.14—Winner-Ryosuke Takahara Japan 10:53.34

September 9, 2018

10K Road Race

W40 Euleen Josiah-Tanner 14th in 39:55—Winner-Lucia Morales Garcia Spain 35:57

W45 Jennifer Malavolta 7th in 39:53—Winner-Isabel Almaraz Mulas Spain 37:13

W55 Makie Ohler 5th in 40:44—Winner-Sally Gibbs New Zealand 37:10

W65 Barbara Holzman 11th in 53:04—Winner-Margret Goettnauer Germany 46:27

M60 Charlie Muse 7th in 38:11—Winner-Alastair Walker Grt. Brit. 35:58

M70 Lloyd Hansen 6th in 43:50—Winner-Bert Schalkwijk Netherlands 40:08

September 10, 2018

800 Meter Run Semifinals

W50 Judy Stobbe 2:33.06 finished 3rd in her semifinal heat but missed qualifying on time for the finals.

W55 Lorraine Jasper 2:37.35 won her semifinal heat to qualify for finals. Susan ‘Lynn’ Cooke 2:41.20 finished 4th in her semifinal heat and missed qualifying for the finals by .01 seconds

W60 Lesley Hinz 2:42.07 won her semifinal heat to qualify for the finals.

W65 Sabra Harvey 2:55.21 and Coreen Steinbach 3:01.94 finished 2nd in their semifinal heats and qualified for the finals.

M40 Chuck Schneekloth 2:00.63 finished 5th in his semifinal heat, qualifying for the finals on time.

M45 Mark Williams 2:01.05 finished 2nd in his semifinal heat, qualifying for the finals.

M50 Charles Novak 2:06.45 won his semifinal heat and qualified for finals. Tom LeGan 2:06.97 and Almir Rosa 2:07.07 finished 3rd and 4th in the other heat with both qualifying on time for the finals.

M55 Ray Knerr 2:13.48 finished 2nd in his semifinal heat to qualify for the finals and Corey Moody 2:14.40 qualified on time.

September 11, 2018

800 Meter Run Finals

W55 Lorraine Jasper 4th in 2:33.04—Winner-Virginia Mitchell Grt. Brit. 2:26.08

W60 Lesley Hinz 2nd in 2:38.25—Winner-Patty Blanchard Canada 2:38.22

W65 Sabra Harvey 2nd in 2:44.62

Winner-Alison Bourgeois Grt. Brit. 2:44.62

Coreen Steinbach 5th in 2:59.02

W70 Terry Foody 12th in 4:29.42—Winner-Angela Copson Grt. Brit. 2:54.63

W75 Beverly Wills 2nd in 3:35.43—Winner-Inkeri Janhunen Finland 3:32.88

W80 Jeanne Daprano 3rd in 4:00.30

Winner-Yoko Nakano Japan 3:30.41 (WR)

Lynn Hurrell 4th in 4:15.99

W85 Thelma Wilson 3rd in 5:24.92

Winner-Melitta Czerwenka-Nagel Germany 4:37.36

M40 Chuck Schneekloth 11th in 2:02.64—

Winner-Octavio Perez Calatayud Spain 1:55.61

M45 Mark Williams 2nd in 2:01.26

Winner-Spencer Moraope South Africa 1:59.99

M50 Charles Novak 1st in 2:03.42

        Almir Rosa 12th in 2:06.90

        Tom LeGan 13th in 2:07.59

M55 Ray Knerr 1st in 2:03.42

        Corey Moody 11th in 2:16.91

M65 Anthony Fleming in 2:56.35—Winner-Joe Gough Ireland 2:16.38

M70 Salih Talib 12th in 2:57.61—Winner-Hans Smeets Netherlands 2:30.11

M80 Mack Stewart 6th in 3:28.58—Winner-Manuel Alonso Domingo Spain 2:59.88

        Elmo Shropshire 11th in 3:47.83

        William Hosken 12th in 4:11.68

September 12, 2018

5000 Meter Run Finals

W55 Makie Ohler 7th in 19:26.71—Winner-Sally Gibbs New Zealand 17:46.52

        Carmen Ayala-Troncoso 9th in 20:29.24

        Maria Salas 10th in 21:22.66

W60 Christine Kennedy 2nd in 20:30.66

                  Winner-Patty Blanchard Canada 20:29.07

W65 Sabra Harvey 1st in 20:52.41

        Barbara Holzman 8th in 24:46.94

W80 Lynne Hurrell 3rd in 32:10.86

Winner-Yoko Nakano Japan 25:40.14 (WR)

M45 Michael Madsen 8th in 16:10.88—Winner-Peter Bii Kenya 15:01.23

M50 Francis Burdett 13th in 17:07.50—Winner-Patrick Vandebosch Belgium 15:47.48

M55 Nat Larson 1st in 16:20.62

M60 Charlie Muse 8th in 18:30.18—Winner-Gregario Saiz Spain 17:32.38

M70 Lloyd Hansen 6th in 20:44.16—Winner-Kauko Kuningas Finland 19:53.42

        Ronald Pate 15th in 22:48.53

M80 Elmo Shropshire 11th in 29:54.18—

                  Winner-Bernardino Pereira Portugal 22:34.49

September 14, 2018

1500 Meter Run Prelims

W50 Michelle Allen finished 3rd in her heat, qualifying on time in 5:25.99

        Debbie Ackerman finished 6th in her heat, qualifying on time in 5:23.99

W55 Lorraine Jasper finished 2nd in her heat to qualify-Time=5:24.61.

        Susan ‘Lynn’ Cooke finished 5th in her heat, qualifying on time in 5:30.34

        Carmen Ayala-Troncoso finished 6th in her heat, qualifying on time in 5:32.35

        Mary Thane finished 6th in her heat, qualifying on time in 5:26.16

W60 Tracey Bernett finished 4th in her heat, qualifying on time in 6:01.06

M45 Mark Williams won his heat to qualify-Time=4:20.26

        Michael Madsen finished 4th in his heat, qualifying on time in 4:13.05

M50 Tom LeGan won his heat to qualify-Time=4:27.84

        Charles Novak finished 2nd in his heat to qualify-Time=4:25.48

M55 Chris Chisholm won his heat to qualify-Time=4:39.61

M70 Ronald Pate finished 5th in his heat and missed qualifying on time for the finals by 0.23 seconds.

September 16, 2018

Half Marathon Road Race Finals

W40 Team USA 3rd in 4:51:38 [Euleen Josiah-Tanner 1:30:10 Makie

        Ohler 1:33:51 Tina Klein 1:47:37]

                  Winner-Spain 4:11:51

        Euleen Josiah-Tanner 13th in 1:30:10—

                  Winner-Dolores Chiclana Parilla Spain 1:21:32

W55 Makie Ohler 3rd in 1:33:51

                  Winner-Nina Wavik Ytterstad Norway 1:26:15

W60 Christine Kennedy 1st in 1:34:33

        Mary Faria 12th in 1:54:25

        Team USA 3rd in 6:06:07 [Christine Kennedy 1:34:33 Mary Faria

        1:54:25 Faith Morris 2:37:09]

                  Winner-Germany 5:15:47

W70 Kay Carmines 8th in 2:54:20—Winner-Socorro Perez Jaimes Mexico 1:41:00

        Darlene Backlund 10th in 2:54:21

M50 Francis Burdett 11th in 1:18.48—

        Winner-Miguel Molero-Eichwein Germany 1:14.11

        Team USA 7th in 4:27.57 [Francis Burdett 1:18.48 Dale Flanders 1:28.09

        William Newsham 1:41.00]

        Winner-Portugal 3:47.55

M70 Lloyd Hansen 3rd in 1:35:19

      Winner-Vicente Capo Gil in 1:34:19

        Team USA 6th in 5:56:54 [Lloyd Hansen 1:35:19 Dru Mathies 2:05:31 Jay

                  Satenstein 2:16:04]—Winner-Spain 4:48:02

M75 Robert Hendrick 3rd in 1:43:40

        Winner-Vincent Basista Slovak Republic 1:40:30

1500 Meter Run Finals

W50 Debbie Ackerman 13th in 5:25.32—Winner-Eva Trost Germany 4:38.80

        Michelle Allen 15th in 5:29.22

W55 Lorraine Jasper 6th in 5:21.06

               Winner-Sally Gibbs New Zealand 4:54.96

        Susan ‘Lynn’ Cooke 8th in 5:24.12

        Mary Thane 9th in 5:25.91

        Carmen Ayala-Troncoso 12th in 5:35.03

W60 Lesley Hinz 1st in 5:35.64

        Tracey Bernett 14th in 6:06.99

W65 Sabra Harvey 2nd in 5:37.97

            Winner-Alison Bourgeois Grt. Brit. 5:33.22

        Coreen Steinbach 5th in 6:02.13

W70 Terry Foody 12th in 8:41.80—Winner-Angela Copson Grt. Brit. 5:48.07

W75 Beverly Wills 2nd in 7:35.43

               Winner-Maria Bachsmann Chile 7:33.63

        Janet Baumann 8th in 16:46.77

W80 Jeanne Daprano 2nd in 8:39.12

            Winner-Elfriede Hodap Germany 8:14.68

        Lynn Hurrell 4th in 8:55.67

M45 Mike Madsen 4th in 4:14.93—Winner-Mark Symes Grt. Brit. 4:13.90

        Mark Williams 8th in 4:17.20

M50 Tom LeGan 3rd in 4:17.62--Winner-Margus Kirt Estonia 4:16.66

        Charles Novak 4th in 4:17.78

M55 Chris Chisholm 4th in 4:31.81—Winner-Guy Bracken Grt. Brit. 4:30.10

M80 Elmo Shropshire 5th in 7:21.44—

               Winner-Manuel Alonso Domingo Spain 6:20.57

        William Hosken 8th in 8:51.03


Complete results available at:

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