Monday, April 2, 2018

USATF Masters LDR Statement on Masters 8K Championship Start

Mary Rosado, Chair of USATF Masters LDR, issued the following statement today [April 2 2018]:

" For those of you who reached out to me concerning the start of the 8k race,  I have spoken with the race management and we will work to insure that the masters have their own start and corral next year.   I have also reached out to the affected athletes and have assured them that we will assist them in any way possible."


  1. This is good to hear. I really don't know what the race organizers were thinking in the first place. We already know what happened to Bill Dunn and other injured runners. I heard from one of our best BRR M60 runners there that there were young children in front of him at the starting line. Our USATF Masters LDR competitors certainly deserve their own advance start and corral in each and every race.

  2. Yes, I agree. I was standing next a young girl that looked like she was maybe 10 years old just off the starting line. I and a number of other runners warned her that she might get hurt but she stayed where she was. Not sure why she was there and hope runners behind her didn't get hurt or cause a fall.