Sunday, July 10, 2016

WMA 2016-Perth--Travel Reimbursement Support for Masters Athletes Competing in Non-Stadia Events

July 10 2016.  The USATF Masters LDR Committee has announced a partial reimbursement policy for Non-Stadia Athletes winning multiple medals at the 2016 World Masters Athletics  Championships in Perth Australia this October. The non-Stadia events consist of a Cross Country run, the Half Marathon and Marathon runs.

Details of the 2016 WMA-Perth Championships can be found at the host website here:

The USATF website for 2016 WMA-Perth is found here:

Information about the Travel Reimbursement Policy and the application are on that page, the 4th and 5th items under the heading, "Travel and Housing".

The application must be filed by July 24 2016!

If you run into any difficulty or have questions, that page has a 'Contacts' button at the bottom of the list. It takes you to the contact information for relevant USATF Staff and the Team Managers for Stadia and Non-stadia Events.

Questions about Non-Stadia Events can be directed to:

Team Manager for Non-Stadia Events:
Mary Rosado
Home: (917) 400-3961

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