Saturday, August 29, 2015

Age-Grading with 2015 Tables--Calculator at the World Masters Athletics site (Howard Grubb)

August 29 2015. Up until December 31 2014, the relevant Age-grading tables were the ones from a revision done in 2010, hence referred to as the 2010 tables. This past year, Alan Jones, in cooperation with USATF Masters Long Distance Running, updated the tables to reflect the reality that too many runners were scoring well over 100%. That should only happen when a runner is breaking a single age record. The integrity of the Age-Grading system requires scores generally to fall in the 0 to 100% range.While scores over 100% have been more common with women runners, it has also been a problem on the men's side. Unlike the 2010 revision, the revision in 2015 affected both women's and men's age-grading scores. Details are provided at:

The new tables are referred to as the 2015 Tables. The actual tables are currently all that is posted on the USATF site. USATF is planning on loading a new calculator but so far has not done so. Calculators are much more user-friendly than the tables and much easier to play around with, checking out different distances and so on.

If you want a 2015 calculator, for now it is best to go to the World Masters Athletics site. They have a calculator based on the 2015 tables:



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